Pizza Hut Launches $5 Menu
Pizza Hut Launches $5 Menu

The menu includes a host of new items, but comes with a catch: you have to order two items for the deal to kick in.

Pizza Hut is the latest fast-casual restaurant chain to get in on the value menu game with the introduction of its $5 Lineup, now available nationwide. The $5 Lineup includes pizza, pasta, wings, a few different appetizers and new Cinnabon Mini Rolls, but there’s a catch: Pizza Hut customers must by two menu items for the $5 deal to kick in.

While a medium one-topping pizza and an order of eight boneless wings for $10 is still a pretty good deal, the value menu isn’t exactly as advertised and customers should be sure to read beyond the menu title before taking advantage of the deal.

"The $5 Lineup gives our customers what they really want, Pizza Hut pizzas for just $5," Chief Brand Officer Marianne Radley said. "In a sea of restaurant companies that are offering food at this price point, we're excited that our shareable menu items can feed your friends and your family, not just yourself.”

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