Pizza Hut Looking To Adapt Uber Quick Service Model For Customer Convenience
Pizza Hut Looking To Adapt Uber Quick Service Model For Customer Convenience

The brand is hoping using a quick service app or website will help its sales.

Uber has carved a little niche for itself in the business world. Taking an already proven business and making it more accessible to consumers. It’s a business model that has many bar patrons happy at 2 a.m., but can the accessibility it provides translate to other businesses? That is the hope as YUM! Brands CEO Greg Creed wants Pizza Hut to be more like Uber.

The CEO said he likes the Uber model because it is easy to track orders, easy to make payments and above all is an easy experience for users. Creed told the Associated Press that the old mindsight of trying to beat the competition was to make a better product, but you can’t really make easy all that better. YUM! Brands, which also owns other fast-food chains KFC and Taco Bell, has seen sales dip for Pizza Hut for some time, even though it is constantly ranked as one of the favorites among consumers.

Pizza Huts sales have seen a 3 percent dive for established locations in 2014, compared to a 2 percent drop in 2013. Having a tasty pizza may not be enough to sustain a brand these days as consumers look for quicker service for their delicious pies. Pizza Hut’s major competitor, Domino's, has adapted the mobile app ordering system and the quick delivery method to great success. The brand saw a 7.5 percent increase in sales in 2014 at established U.S. locations, compared to 5.4 percent in 2013.

Brainstorming sessions have been ongoing for Pizza Hut about how to solve its issues. Pizza Hut executives have discussed a number of different avenues to try, but Creed said nothing has stuck. The brand recently revamped its menu last year and has redesigned its website for better functionality, so it is not going through a brand crisis just yet.

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