Toppers Pizza Focuses On Innovation Toppers Pizza Focuses On Innovation

Toppers Pizza discusses their tasty toppings for the upcoming National Pizza Month.

What you put on your pizza is a great gauge of your personality, and today there are so many more options than traditional pepperoni and sausage. Pizza Marketplace took a look at some of the more unique and outside-the-pizza box toppings that are getting pizza experts jazzed up - including founder and president of Toppers Pizza Scott Gittrich.
"We have eight sauces … that customers can choose for a base or drizzle; it’s tasty and can look great, too," Gittrich told "One of our best-sellers is our Buffalo chicken topper, which comes with both a ranch and a buffalo sauce drizzle. I’ll also throw potatoes in as a great pizza topping. We sell … the loaded Tot-zza, which is loaded with Tater Tots. It’s fricking awesome."
Toppers Pizza has focused on innovation and unique offerings since Gittrich opened doors 25 years ago. The brand continues to focus on innovation as they grow the franchise system with multi-unit restaurant operators.
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