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Podcasts: Empowering and Educating Female Entrepreneurs Everywhere

A franchise sisterhood is forming (don’t tell the boys!). There are a slew of podcasts out there led by powerful and successful women in franchising who want to lift you up to their level.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
8:08AM 03/01/24

These days, podcasts come in just about every flavor imaginable, but the most useful ones are those that offer education, advice and inspiration from charismatic experts. One niche that has surfaced recently is podcasts devoted to empowering and educating female entrepreneurs. These podcasts provide an incredible platform for women to amplify their voices while helping others join the girl tribe of successful women in business ownership. 

1851 Franchise spoke with FranNet CEO Jania Bailey, an expert on female-led franchises, about how and why successful women like her contribute meaningful dialogue, resources and inspiration to empower women in franchising and business ownership. 

Bailey has a podcast called “Just Jania” where she speaks to experts and professionals on all things franchising. She’s also been featured in an episode of “Her Success,” a podcast by the International Franchise Association (IFA)’s Women’s Franchise Committee that features stories about female franchise leaders.

Why does she devote so much of her valuable time to podcasting? To pass the torch.

“It's really good for younger women to see that other people have walked the path they’re on,” said Bailey. “We didn't just wake up one day in these positions; there were definitely some challenges and some setbacks along the way. I think it's an encouragement to see how other women have been exactly where you are and what they've been able to achieve.”

Bailey has worked hard for her achievements and it has certainly paid off, but now she sees it as her duty to give back to other deserving and capable young women.

“We need to give back and to help pull each other up as high as possible,” she said.

Creating a Sisterhood: Empowering Other Women

They say nothing great is achieved alone; that’s why women like Bailey have built up a sisterhood through podcasts, as well various committees and groups.

“Women can empower one another by being active in things like the IFA and being on committees and just being visible as a woman in an industry that's been successful. This encourages other women in the industry,” she said.

Whether a woman is heard via podcast or seen on a committee, visibility and representation matter. Seeing someone like yourself achieve great things reminds you that you, too, can achieve great things. This is a reminder that we all need at times.

“Imposter syndrome has hit us all at some point. I remember thinking, ‘they're going to figure out that I don't know what I'm doing,’ but 17 years later at FranNet, I realized if they haven’t figured it out by now, I must be doing alright,” she laughed.

It’s at these times of self-doubt that Bailey advises leaning on the sisterhood. 

“We've all doubted ourselves and we've all questioned decisions we've made, and it's okay to be human,” said Bailey. “It's okay to be scared at times. Just reach out to one of the sisters in the industry to get the reinforcement you need.”

Bailey herself has provided her fellow women with mentorship and believes that most successful women in the industry would welcome a request from someone seeking their guidance.

Bailey’s Podcast Recommendation

Bailey acknowledged that there are countless women out there contributing excellent podcasts to the dialogue of women in franchising and business ownership, but there is one in particular that she has her eye on at the moment.

“I'm currently trying to sign up for Kathy Gosser, the professor at University of Louisville’s podcast. It’s great!” she said.

The podcast Bailey is referring to is “Franchise U!” In this podcast, Dr. Kathy Gosser, PhD, provides educational insights for those who are carving out a career in franchising. She has spent over three decades working on the development of Yum! Brands while also serving as the chair of the KFC Foundation. 

Podcasts That Educate and Empower Female Entrepreneurs

In addition to “Just Jania,” “Her Success” and “Franchise U!,” the following podcasts are great for those seeking professional advancement, advice in the way of female entrepreneurship or just a little girl power.

The Bossbabe Podcast

Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty have created a tight-knit community of over 100 thousand like-minded women; they offer guidance on how to build a successful business, balance it with your personal life and how to be the ultimate “bossbabe.”

Girlboss Radio

Host Avery Francis, founder of Bloom, has a passion for creating inclusive workspaces. She facilitates raw conversations with successful women who are challenging outdated traditions in the workplace.

Good Girls Get Rich

This podcast, hosted by Karen Yankovich, inspires women to use LinkedIn and social media channels to unleash their earning potential, along with other entrepreneurial guidance.

The Heart & Hustle

This podcast, co-hosted by Lindsey Roman and Evie McLeod, demystifies business ownership and discusses entrepreneurial issues in an approachable way, with plenty of humor. You’ll feel like you’re listening to your new besties. 

Join the Female Franchising Movement

Podcasts allow women to share resources, collaborate with one another and lift each other up so why not take advantage of this opportunity to amplify the voices of other women in franchising while finding your own? Whether you’re a rookie who is willing to learn from the queens before you or an experienced leader in the industry, the sisterhood will be stronger with you in it.