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Pollo Campero is Winning the Chicken Game With An Impressively Loyal (and Growing) Customer Base

With over 100 U.S. locations, Pollo Campero is building brand recognition at lightning speed. Customers, new and old, can’t get enough of the Central American chicken franchise.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
SPONSORED 10:10AM 05/20/24

Pollo Campero , the Central American chicken franchise with over 350 restaurants worldwide, opened its 100th U.S. location in April in Miami Gardens, Florida. The brand, which has gained a cult-like following, has experienced rapid growth in recent years with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

With its strategic focus on customer satisfaction, quality consistency and rapid expansion, Pollo Campero is setting itself apart in the competitive chicken market. 1851 Franchise spoke with Vice President of Operations Fernando Perez to learn more about the brand's success trajectory and its relentless commitment to excellence.

Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction

The old sentiment of “the customer is always right” still plays a huge role in running a successful business. Pollo Campero is always thinking about ensuring each customer has the best experience possible and builds a positive relationship with the brand. This has become deeply ingrained in the brand’s culture.

“We train our teams to serve with excellence and joy,” Perez said. “We serve with excellence because we want to get things right and be disciplined, but it is just as important to do so with joy. We are happy to serve our customers.”

The brand has successfully fostered an environment where employees and franchise owners are happy to serve their community, and this has, in turn, created an amazing customer experience.

“When a customer comes to Pollo Campero, we have the opportunity to make their day better,” Perez said, “both with the food and our service.”

High Quality Products and Reliable Partnerships

And speaking of the food, the brand’s dedication to high quality products and consistent flavor has won the hearts and loyalty of many around the world.

"The customer is at the center of everything we do," Perez said. “We want to provide them with excellent food, because that is the main reason they come to us, and when we provide the same great quality time and time again, that creates trust.”

Perez explained the strict standards the brand has for fresh, high quality ingredients. The chicken is always fresh and never frozen, for example, and is marinated before being sent to each individual franchise location where it is breaded and fried the day it arrives. The key to consistently great food is great suppliers you can count on.

“We have great partners; we work with the absolute best suppliers in the industry,” Perez said.

As a franchise, suppliers aren’t the only partnerships the brand needs to be able to rely on. Pollo Campero also has excellent partnerships with its franchise owners. The corporate team supports franchise owners with ongoing training and support, but also takes care to ensure that each franchisee is upholding the brand’s reputation.

“Our franchise owners receive very regular quality assurance assessments, just to make sure that everyone is following and complying with the standards so we are consistently delivering the highest quality experience for our customers,” Perez said.

This consistency is pivotal; establishing trust with the customer base has been vital in Pollo Campero’s growth and has led to a cult-like following.

“When we build trust with customers, they become loyal to us, which increases the frequency of visits and fuels our brand’s growth,” Perez said. 

Strategic Growth and Target Markets

So what’s next for Pollo Campero? The brand is remaining focused on all of the elements that have so far led the brand up a steep growth trajectory. Pollo Campero aims to increase brand awareness in new markets, including target markets in Florida, California and New York.

“These new markets represent a big opportunity for our brand,” Perez said. “We are building out our presence in concentric circles to create a better awareness of who we are and what we offer. We are incredibly excited to bring our brand to new customers across the country.”

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