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Pool Scouts Provides Expertise and High-Quality Services To Guarantee a Successful Pool Closing

The leading pool cleaning and maintenance franchise offers quality tips on how to prepare for the off-season.

The end of summer is always bittersweet-—with kids going back to school and leaves starting to change color, it is a time to hunker down and make sure everything is safe and secure for the cold months ahead.

While the weather in certain states allows for swimming all year round, others aren’t so lucky. For those in colder areas, closing down a pool for the winter can be overwhelming. Since the launch of the concept in 2016, premier pool cleaning and maintenance franchise Pool Scouts has been providing quality assistance from the first lap of the summer to the last.

With 43 territories sold in the first two years of business, Pool Scouts has become a leader in the pool maintenance segment. Equally as popular in colder areas as it is in warmer climates, the brand recognizes the success of markets where pool openings and closings are mandatory due to inclement weather. Now, Pool Scouts shares some of its expertise in relation to closing down pools for the winter.

Maintaining A Healthy And Happy Pool

According to Todd Crowe, Pool Scouts Director of Operations, preparing for a successful closing starts with preserving a successful opening.

“The best thing a homeowner can do to prepare for the off-season is to maintain a clean and healthy pool during the summer,” said Crowe. “In order to support the health of a pool, owners should regularly clean the skimmer and pump strainer baskets of debris; run the pool pump as often as possible; vacuum the pool bottom; and continue to sanitize and balance the water chemistry on a weekly basis.”

With more than 10 million residential pools in the U.S. and a growing housing market, many homeowners, tired of the DIY-route (and not necessarily successful at it) are looking for professionals to relieve the burden of pool care. These needs offer Pool Scouts franchisees recurring revenue streams all while helping the customer sleep easy knowing their pool is safe.

“If you close a pool dirty with debris, then you are guaranteeing yourself a mess come the opening season,” said Kinsey McCutchen, owner of Pool Scouts’ Memphis, Tennessee location. “At Pool Scouts, we use a machine to blow out the lines of all our pools, plug the returns and add anti-freeze to ensure there is no freezing during the winter months.”

Being Prepared And Planning Ahead

“While it is never good to close too early, it is always better to schedule our services earlier rather than later,” said Crowe. “Record-setting temperatures and longer summers are causing more customers to push back their pool closing date. The earlier you schedule an appointment, the more flexibility you have to close the pool at the correct time.”

According to Crowe, Pool Scouts provides pool owners with pre-closing services as well, including One Time Cleanings, Full Filter Cleanings and Winterizing Without Covering. For pool owners who are more comfortable with DIY maintenance, these one-time services give a little assurance for finishing off the season correctly.

Although many issues can arise during the winter months if a pool is closed incorrectly, according to McCutchen, most issues start in late summer and early spring. “Customers who close their pool too early and open too late are often plagued with active algae issues that take days or even weeks to resolve,” said McCutchen. “Pool Scouts recommends that owners close their pools as late as possible when the water temperature starts to cool off, and then open as early as possible before the water temperature rises.”

Keeping An Eye On The Prize

Since one can only prepare so much, checking up on the status of your closed pool is essential to keeping everything in top shape.

“For many customers that close their pool, we offer a Winter Care Program," said McCutchen. “The Winter Care Program is a once-a-month visit to the closed pool where we check the equipment, pool cover and water level, cleaning off any debris or water gathered on top of the cover and make sure the sump pump is working. In February, we start treating the closed pool with algaecide to prepare for the opening season.”

“If a pool is not closed properly then there is a risk of pipes freezing and bursting during cold temperatures,” said McCutchen. “This can result in a huge inconvenience for the owner as well as high repair costs. ”

With the help of Pool Scouts and its diversified services, franchisees can enjoy a variety of revenue streams while pool owners rest easy knowing that, come spring, their swimming pool will be ready and waiting.


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