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Poolwerx Kicks Off 2024 by Recognizing Franchise Partner of the Year

Frank and Jacque Disher, the hosts of the popular Deep End podcast, were recognized for their impressive standing in the pool industry during the brand’s recent Newport Beach conference.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 02/28/24

In the scenic locale of Newport Beach, California, the Poolwerx annual conference was a blend of celebration and strategic foresight, marking the kickoff of 2024 with notable enthusiasm. Amidst the gathering of partners, industry experts and the Poolwerx leadership team, a moment stood out distinctly — the recognition of the Franchise Partner of the Year. 

This year, the prestigious accolade was awarded to Frank and Jacque Disher of North Richland Hills, Texas, a couple who have not only made exceptional contributions to the brand, but also the pool industry at large.

Frank, an ex-veteran and former air-traffic controller, first transitioned from a 20-year tenure running his own pool business to joining forces with Poolwerx six years ago.

"What originally attracted me to Poolwerx, unlike other franchise organizations, was its philosophy that wasn't centered around simply purchasing a job,” said Frank. “Poolwerx supports the 'mom and pop' approach, enabling Franchise Partners to meet the unique demands of their local markets without being confined to a one-size-fits-all national model. This flexibility and the opportunity to remain competitive on a local level excited me."

Since then, Frank’s leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have not only tripled the size of his business, but have also ingrained his operations as a cornerstone of the local community.

“Poolwerx is all about building wealth,” Frank said. “I can get as big as I want — they don’t care if I end up with five or 50 stores, as long as I’m managing them well. They also offer the buying power of a larger company, which helps you connect with suppliers and manufacturers.”

This year, Frank says he’s focused on meaningful expansion, managing costs effectively and increasing revenue. “With three territories under my belt and a third store underway, our retail presence serves as the foundation of our business, attracting more clientele and expanding our customer base," he said.

Beyond his business acumen, Frank’s advocacy for the pool industry and the Poolwerx brand is evident in his extracurricular endeavors. Alongside his wife, he hosts "The Deep End," the pool industry's most popular podcast, which has become a pivotal platform for community engagement, education and brand advocacy. 

“We are really an advocate for the pool industry and for the Poolwerx brand,” said Frank. “We are both social butterflies — we love talking and sharing good news. That gets us in front of a lot of people. Our podcast is doing very, very well. It gets us in front of a lot of people and it builds trust because people are familiar with me. They don’t just see me in a pool truck. People in the community know me. I also have a great team that is, bar none, the best team out there.”

The podcast, coupled with their active participation in local pool owner groups, exemplifies Frank and Jacque’s holistic approach to business — one that extends beyond financial success to encompass community building and industry leadership.

Although the couple has already won Poolwerx’s Franchise Partner of the Year Award in the past, Frank says it was still an unexpected surprise this year. 

"Both times caught me off-guard,” said Frank. “It's a testament to our team's hard work and the strong community of Franchise Partners in the DFW area. We collaborate closely, sharing best practices and supporting each other, which is a critical component of the Poolwerx franchise system. This sense of community and mutual support has been instrumental in our success and the success of our peers."

This year, Poolwerx is looking for qualified and passionate Franchise Partners like the Dishers to help achieve U.S expansion to 120+ stores, including multi-site Franchise Partners with multiple locations, by adding 30 new franchises annually in the U.S. The team has identified several markets primed for growth, including Texas (Houston, San Antonio and Austin), North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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