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Winter Myths Debunked: The Year-Round Potential of a Poolwerx Franchise

While there is a common misconception that pool businesses dwindle in the colder months, Poolwerx franchises offer the types of differentiated services that never go out of season.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 12/15/23

Poolwerx, the full-service swimming pool repair, maintenance and retail franchise, has always been focused on finding ways to help pool businesses thrive. A big part of that equation is ensuring Poolwerx franchise partners can see success all year round, not just in the traditionally warmer months. 

“The revenue to be had in the pool service industry doesn’t need to disappear just because it gets cooler,” said Andrew Kidd, CEO of Poolwerx in North America. “Throughout COVID, we’ve seen a significant amount of people buying hot tubs and domestic pools with heat pumps to extend the standard swim season. More than ever before, pool service is a year-round business.”

The $7.2 billion pool cleaning industry has seen massive growth over the past few years. In 2020, one study found the number of backyard swimming pools increased by 533% in just 12 months. The demand for hot tubs in particular skyrocketed during the height of the pandemic as people spent more time in their private outdoor spaces. Now, many of those homeowners are struggling with the upkeep of their hot tubs.

“Let's be honest — there is always something going wrong with a hot tub,” said Kidd. “Our business model ensures that Poolwerx Franchise Partners can help with those hot tubs and provide the types of services other pool companies won’t do.”

Acknowledging the complexities of hot tub maintenance, Poolwerx ensures its franchise owners are equipped to proficiently handle these challenges. The brand’s state-of-the-art training facility in Dallas, for example, provides hands-on experience and troubleshooting, transforming individuals from various backgrounds into proficient pool care experts.

In addition to hot tub maintenance, Kidd also notes that winter tends to be a popular time for pool remodel projects like resurfacing and updates, especially for older pools in remodeled homes. "No one wants to have their pool inactive throughout the summer," he said. “We can plant the seeds early so that everything is ready when they open it back up.”

Similarly, in northern climates, Poolwerx offers specialized services like mid-winter checks to ensure everything remains in order under the pool covers. This service is crucial for maintaining the pool's condition during the off-season.

Beyond residential services, Poolwerx Franchise Partners can also shift their focus towards B2B programs in the winter months, targeting year-round commercial facilities like hotels and condos. This ensures that Franchise Partners have a multitude of avenues to explore within the pool industry, catering to various customer needs and evening out their cash flow if residential business slows down. 

“Overall, the diversity of our services and revenue streams ensures Poolwerx Franchise Partners always have something to focus on,” said Kidd. “Whether the weather is warm or cold, opening a pool business can be a great option for entrepreneurs, and Poolwerx is one of the strongest pool franchise concepts out there right now.”

Poolwerx leverages a unique “hub and spoke” model, which equips its franchise affiliates with multiple revenue streams within the pool care industry. The hub is the retail store (and respective e-commerce site) from which Franchise Partners sell products, and the spokes are their service trucks, which provide an extensive array of residential and commercial services. This includes preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, pool filter installation, green pool clean up, hot tub and spa repair, pool heating, pool sand change, pool lighting, saltwater conversion and even pool training for those homeowners who want to become an expert themselves. 

Looking ahead to 2024, Poolwerx is poised for even greater growth, hoping to achieve U.S expansion to 120+ stores, including multi-site Franchise Partners with multiple locations, adding 30 new franchises annually in the U.S. The team has identified several markets primed for growth, including Texas (Houston, San Antonio and Austin), North Carolina, GeorgiaMinnesota and Wisconsin.

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