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Premium Service Brands Founder & CEO Paul Flick Shares Insights on the Strength of the Handyman Pro Brand

Emerging franchise Handyman Pro benefits from the shared network and resources of Premium Service Brands

What makes Handyman Pro unique within its industry?

The short answer is that Handyman Pro benefits from the full support and resources of Premium Service Brands. Franchise brands already have an advantage over independent businesses because they have an established operational model, marketing infrastructure, executive support and all sorts of other systems in place to help the franchisee succeed, and that’s just for single-brand franchisors. Premium Service Brands operates a full network of growing service brands, all of which support and inform each other. But it really goes way beyond support and resources — it’s about integration. Handyman Pro was built from the ground up by Premium Service Brands specifically to complement our existing franchise brands. All of PSB’s brands work with handymen to some degree, which means every PSB franchise is an amazing referral source for Handyman Pro and vice versa.

What kind of support does Premium Service Brands offer Handyman Pro franchisees?

The support for Handyman Pro franchisee is all-encompassing. We offer dedicated support for every aspect of the business, from marketing to technology to routing and scheduling software. One of the simplest but most profound advantages we offer is our contact center, which makes it so easy for customers to get in touch with their local franchisee. Anyone who has worked in a service business can tell you what a big deal that is. 

Every franchisee also has a dedicated business coach who works closely with them to ensure they are growing and succeeding. Coaches and franchisees talk every week to go over marketing plans, profit-and-loss reviews and operational challenges — anything the franchisee needs help with. It’s an amazing resource that very few other brands can offer.

What does the ideal Handyman Pro franchisee look like?

Handyman Pro franchisees are business people first and foremost. We’re not looking for technicians, necessarily — though anyone who has experience as a handyman and is looking to own their own business would certainly find a good opportunity here. We want our franchisees focused on growing the business, and they can’t do that if they are spending all their time out on jobs. Our operational model is set up to support franchisees as business executives. All of the home-improvement work is subcontracted to skilled local professionals. So we’re looking for savvy entrepreneurs who really see the value and growth potential of this opportunity — people who can take our model, follow it to a T and run with it. 

What kind of growth plans do you have for Handyman Pro?

We’re growing fast and we have no plans to slow down anytime soon. This is a model that can work in virtually any market, and we’re seeing demand in places where we haven’t even begun to advertise. That said, we take a very measured approach to expansion. We never want to establish a new location if we are not 100% equipped to provide our full support. The success of Handyman Pro depends entirely on the success of our franchisees, so they have always been and always will be our top priority. As we continue to grow, we’re going to do so in a way that ensures that every franchisee has access to the full support and resources Premium Service Brands offers. 

We have ten new franchisees in development and are preparing to grow into new markets across the U.S. like Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, San Antonio, Boston, and Raleigh. We do take a conservative approach to brand growth because we want to ensure that every franchisee has the support they need to grow along with the brand. Our success is their success, so we always make sure we’ve got the best possible support system in place.

The initial investment to open a Handyman Pro ranges from $99,125 to $139,500, including $60,000 that must be paid to the franchisor or affiliate. The brand is actively seeking franchise owners in suburban markets nationwide, including Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, San Antonio, Boston, Raleigh and more. For more information on franchising with Handyman Pro, please visit