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Premium Service Brands' Maid Right Targets Lincoln, Nebraska for Continued Growth

With a saturated presence of other PSB concepts already in the area, Maid Right franchisees will benefit from cross marketing opportunities, strong support and more.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 11/24/21

Maid Right, the eco-friendly residential cleaning franchise with 25-plus locations open throughout the U.S., is actively seeking franchisees in the Lincoln, Nebraska area after recently opening 360º Painting and Renew Crew operations in the area. Currently, Maid Right has one territory available in the Lincoln area.

Why Lincoln is Primed for Maid Right

Maid Right is looking toward Lincoln because of the city’s strong growth potential and ideal consumer demographics. The city features 113,551 households, 57% of which are single-family households with a median home value of $169,800 — a prime demographic for residential cleaning services.

“Especially right now, Premium Service Brands’ home-based services resonate in every market, but Lincoln is specifically primed for franchise growth,” said Iric Wexler, PSB’s chief development officer. “Plus, with the saturation of other PSB brands in the area, there will be no shortage of franchisee support and cross-brand marketing opportunities.” 

Maid Right has yet to establish a presence in the city, which means there is wide-open territory availability in a metropolitan area. But while Lincoln-based franchisees will be Maid Right’s first representatives in the area, they will still benefit from the solid backing of Premium Service Brands, which has already established a strong presence with other brands in its multi-brand roster.

With Premium Service Brands’ new HomeOne lead portal, for example, franchisees can leverage that multi-brand roster and strategically target consumers across several different concepts. For example, if 360º Painting in Lincoln gets a lead on the HomeOne website, it goes into the system and that prospect then receives marketing for all of the other Premium Service Brands, including Maid Right.

A Maid Right owner in Lincoln could also diversify their portfolio with multiple Premium Service Brands concepts and cross-promote the various businesses to expand their customer base in the city and fulfill a variety of the homeowner’s needs.

How Maid Right’s Well-Positioned Business Model and Ongoing Support Helps Franchisees Thrive Across the Country

Maid Right franchisees in Lincoln will benefit from the brand’s turnkey business model, which allows franchisees to build long-lasting customer relationships from day one. Plus, maid service is a repeat-referral business model that can scale quickly. As a home-based business, Maid Right also provides franchisees with a flexible business opportunity that doesn’t require a brick-and-mortar location. 

When it comes to training and support, Maid Right franchisees have access to a robust marketing and operations plan, exceptional training for new owners and a CRM for managing customers and invoicing.

The time has also never been better to open a Maid Right business because of the increased demand brought on by COVID-19. Homeowners and small business owners alike are searching for differentiated sanitization services that kill viruses, a need that Maid Right can respond to with their proprietary disinfectant spray, MR Shield. Maid Right also appeals to the growing demand for green and sustainable cleaning services — as opposed to the harsh chemicals often used by the competition, Maid Right stands out with the use of fully eco-friendly and biodegradable products. 

“With plenty of market availability, a proven concept and the support of an experienced multi-brand parent company, prospective franchisees in Lincoln have a great opportunity to help Maid Right expand its footprint,” said Wexler.

The investment for a Maid Right franchise ranges from $99,375 to $141,500, with a franchise fee of $60,000. For more info, visit