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Pretty in Paint Parties Stands Out in the Increasingly Popular Industry by Bringing Art Classes Directly to Consumers
Pretty in Paint Parties Stands Out in the Increasingly Popular Industry by Bringing Art Classes Directly to Consumers
Instead of being limited by one specific brick and mortar location, the brand is hosting paint parties for consumers and businesses where it’s most convenient for them.

Demand in the paint party industry is at an all-time high. Over the past few years, the idea of friends getting together to participate in a painting class while enjoying a glass of wine has gone from completely unknown to nationally recognized. And as more consumers organize paint parties in their local communities, entrepreneurs are signing on to run a paint party business of their own.

Two of those trendsetting entrepreneurs that are paving the way in the rapidly growing industry are Amelia Courtney and Erica Bridges. The friends first met through their children, who were in preschool together. But they decided to become business partners after realizing that there was a glaring gap between paint parties and their clients.

It started after Courtney attended a paint party at a traditional studio while on vacation with her friends. She loved the idea, and immediately thought of telling Bridges about her experience. But there was one thing about paint parties that didn’t make sense to her: being confined by one specific studio.

“I couldn’t wrap my mind around how paint party companies were thriving in a studio location. Between paying for the space, artists and employees to run the front desk, it didn’t seem like a sustainable business model,” said Courtney. “That’s when we got the idea to package the paint party concept in a completely different way. Instead of operating out of one specific brick and mortar location, we saw the opportunity to act as more of a pop up concept that brings paint parties directly to people’s homes.”

With that idea, Courtney and Bridges launched Pretty in Paint Parties. They reached out to their friend, who happened to be an artist, and organized an event for their neighbors and friends at one of their homes. Right away, the idea caught on in their local community—word spread about the event, and they were fielding requests from people to host paint parties of their own. Recognizing that they had tapped into a business with strong growth potential, the pair decided to expand through franchising with the help of local owners and artists.

“It became clear that our approach to hosting paint parties was something that consumers were looking for. And bringing classes and events directly into homes and businesses has been a huge point of differentiation for us as we continue to expand—there isn’t anything else like it in the industry,” said Bridges. “Pretty in Paint Parties is designed to create a unique experience for every customer that hires us. By allowing hosts to choose the specific painting that they’d like to complete and tailoring every class to the guests present, we’re able to go above and beyond that of a traditional paint party company.”

Today, Pretty in Paint Parties has two franchise locations that are currently up and running in New Jersey in addition to its original corporate unit. The brand is also in the process of opening up a location in Pennsylvania, with more franchise agreements expected to be signed in the months ahead.

That rapid growth as an emerging franchise brand is due to Pretty in Paint Parties’ unique positioning within the industry as well as its flexible and supportive business model. And as demand for convenient paint parties continues to climb across the country, Pretty in Paint Parties is planning to capitalize on its mobility. The brand is already moving beyond hosting parties in people’s homes—last year, Pretty in Paint Parties even brought its concept to Pepsi’s corporate headquarters.

Going forward, Courtney and Bridges say that their ability to adapt their business model to any situation or location will continue to fuel their development efforts. In addition to standing out to entrepreneurs and artists as a brand with strong growth potential, consumers are also seeing the value in its personal approach to paint parties that ensures they have a positive experience during their event.

“Even though we’re still breaking into the franchising industry, our current owners are receiving incredibly positive feedback from their customers. And business is booming—our franchisees and artists are incredibly busy fielding requests to host parties in their local communities,” said Courtney. “We’re looking forward to building on that strong momentum as we establish a presence in new markets throughout 2017.”