Qmee Releases Top 20 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2015
Qmee Releases Top 20 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2015

Search loyalty app, Qmee, shares the year’s top solo costume ideas.

It’s that exciting time of the year when you get to leave your identity behind for a day and dress up as someone or something else in celebration of Halloween. The pressure to be clever with Halloween costumes can make picking the right costume downright scary. Qmee, the free search rewards browser app, has put together a list of the top 20 costumes for 2015, based on their users’ searches, that may spark some inspiration. With many timely and current pop culture searches, it is no surprise that many Americans are dressing up as presidential candidates and pop culture moments from 2015.
Below are the top 20 searched for and best suggestions from Qmee:
1) Donald Trump kid costume: Nothing trumps Trump! Everyone's favorite politico, this kids costume is sure to be a hit. (Can be purchased at Costumeish.com)
 2) Bernie Sanders (again, with the hair!): Perhaps number two on the crazy hair list, don't be surprised to see a bunch of these costumes out this year.
3) Sexy Hillary Clinton: Nothing sexier than a strong woman. Dress up as the ultimate political power symbol this Halloween. (Can be purchased at Yandy.com)
4) Caitlyn Jenner: One of the most talked about pop culture icons in 2015, Caitlyn Jenner brought the transgender discussion to the forefront. (Can be purchased at Spirithalloween.com)
5) Sexy Pizza Rat: A much sexier version of this hungry little rodent. (Can be purchased at Yandy.com)
6) Khaleesi from Game of Thrones: Why not be one of the most popular characters from HBO's Game of Thrones series? (Can be purchased at Spirithalloween.com)
 7) Any Emoji: Only send one if you mean it ;-) ! (Can be purchased at Yandy.com)
8) Marty McFly (It is 2015, after all!): You too should be as fly as Marty this year. (Can be purchased at Costumeish.com)
9) Any Beanie Baby: Who doesn't love a soft cuddly lion? Don't forget to add the tag! (Can be purchased at Costumeish.com)
10) A Clothed Playboy Centerfold: If your hips don't lie and you look good in bunny ears, try this one on for size.
11) Cookie Lyon from Empire: Sexy, bold, confident and powerful. (Can be purchased at Macys.com)
12) Astronaut Matt Damon (Don’t forget your tiny potato plant!): Studly in outer space. Need we say more? (Can be purchased at Costumediscounters.com)
13) A One Night Stand: Own the "walk of shame," with this hilarious spin on the "one night stand." (Can be purchased at Halloweencostumes.com)
14) Katy Perry’s Left Shark: Only the left one! (Can be purchased at Halloweencostumes.com)
15) Frida Kahlo (put those tweezers away): Seriously, put away the tweezers!  (The headpiece can be purchased on Etsy.com)
16) Cinderella: All the glam without the hassle of a fairy godmother! (Can be purchased at Costumecraze.com)
17) Rosie the Riveter: A classic American icon, Rosie the Riveter is always a hit on Halloween. (Can be purchased at Partycity.com)
18) A Sexy Bottle of Hot Sauce: Hot hot hot! (Can be purchased at Shop.riteaid.com)
19) Neil DeGrasse Tyson: So many memes, not enough time. Do you even science bro? (Can be purchased at Halloweencostumes.com)
20) A Piece of Famous Art: What better way to cement your place in Halloween history than to be a classic work of art?
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