Qmee Searchers Seek Out Trump News
Qmee Searchers Seek Out Trump News

Users wants to know about issues, hairstyles and more.

Forget polls and panels.

Based on data accrued from the innovative search app’s American users, Qmee has released a list of the Republican presidential hopefuls who are winning the search popularity contest – and unsurprisingly, Donald Trump is generating the most search buzz. However, the billionaire-turned candidate for the Republican nomination accounted for a whopping 71 percent of all Republican candidate-related searches in September.
The search rewards browser app that recently achieved $4.5 million in funding with plans to expand in the U.S. next year, compiled and analyzed a slew of data ranking Republican presidential candidates based on user searches made between Sept. 1 and 14 based on Republican presidential candidate-related keywords. The results reveal some interesting trends regarding the country’s political climate and voters’ queries leading up to this week’s Republican presidential debate to air on CNN on Sept. 16.

Americans are the most curious about the following candidates based on the number of searches by their users:

Trump – 71%
Ben Carson – 11%
Jeb Bush – 7%
Ted Cruz – 3%
Mike Huckabee – 2%
Rand Paul – 2%
Scott Walker – 1%
Chris Christie – 1%
John Kasich – 1%
Marco Rubio – 1%
It’s not all number crunching and logic chopping, though; the search engine has also compiled the quirkiest keywords that users searched with each candidate.

While garnering the lion’s share of the searches, users searching for Trump paired their search with a variety of terms as colorful as the candidate himself. Top pairings, which varied depending upon users’ opinions of the candidate, included:

Donald Trump + racism
Donald Trump + hair
Donald Trump + meme piece of cheese
Reasons to vote Trump
Trump loves unions
Trump dictator
Why would people vote for trump?

Trailing behind Trump with the most searched for common terms were Carson, Bush and Cruz. Topics of interest spanned from hard-hitting defense issues to polarizing policies. Users were especially transfixed by Walker’s “walls with Canada,” Cruz’s “atomic bomb south” and Bush’s “ad about Trump.”


Founded with the singular goal of putting the consumer back at the center of the Internet, Qmee has placed user’s political interests front-and-center with its latest findings. As the company looks toward 1 million users, Qmee is looking forward to viewing even more findings, while helping its users make money for searching online.