QSR: Chipotle Plans to Test a Drive Thru in Ohio
QSR: Chipotle Plans to Test a Drive Thru in Ohio

The fast casual chain plans to enhance the consumer experience with new menu items and ordering formats.

Chipotle has certainly been on many minds lately. From the brand's plans to introduce queso as a menu option to recent health scares, the company has been attracting a lot of attention. According to QSR Magazine, the latest announcement from the Mexican fast casual restaurant is the testing of a 'vehicular pickup window'. 

CMO Mark Crumpacker said that this test is an effort to further enhance the "Chipotle experience." While the exact location of the drive-thru has not yet been disclosed, the Crumpacker confirmed that it will be an Ohio location.

This is just one way that Chipotle is looking to upgrade the consumer experience. The brand announced that it will also be looking into new menu items and new ordering formats to further appeal to consumers.
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