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QSR Magazine: Convenience Drives MOOYAH Into the Post-Pandemic Future

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes’ president discusses how consumer preference will shape how the brand conducts business.

While speaking with QSR Magazine, Tony Darden, president of MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes, discussed how the convenience consumers experienced throughout the pandemic is something they will expect in the future — and MOOYAH is prepared to meet that need by leading the quick-service industry in delivery and takeout options. Research has shown that even as restrictions loosen around the country and restaurants begin to allow customers to dine-in, consumers will not be changing their behaviors when it comes to takeout and delivery. MOOYAH rolled out its delivery option in 2019 and, due to COVID-19, is expediting the implementation of drive-thrus at existing and new locations.

“Think about it. The convenience of being with your family and being at home, with everybody working from home; nobody wants to go out and get dinner,” Darden said. “Nobody wants to go and get groceries or have groceries delivered, so you just order a meal that’s fully ready and shows up at your door. I think it allows for more things to happen in that family dynamic.”

MOOYAH’s decision to build drive-thrus will be accelerated but not rushed in its 85+ locations. The Plano-based brand has also implemented a new kitchen display system to help combat the influx of orders through the delivery system and third-party vendors.

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