QSR Magazine: KFC Selling Fried Chicken Scented Cards for Valentine’s Day
QSR Magazine: KFC Selling Fried Chicken Scented Cards for Valentine’s Day

The brand is also releasing limited edition holiday GIFs in collaboration with Tenor.

When it comes to creatively tapping into consumers’ interests, KFC has proven that it’s willing to step up its marketing game. The brand already sells its own line of apparel and home goods, and now, KFC announced that it’s adding another type of merchandise to its lineup: Valentine’s Day cards.

According to an article in QSR Magazine, KFC is helping people show their loved ones that they care through scratch ‘n’ sniff cards that smell like fried chicken. Participating restaurants will have the cards starting Monday, and they’re free when purchased with a $10 Chicken Share meal, which is made for two people. The cards come in four different designs, and include phrases like “You have the secret recipe to my heart” and “I fell in love the first moment I slaw you.”

KFC’s U.S. CMO, Andrea Zahumensky, said, “Some years you have to search high and low for the perfect gift for your Valentine. This year, we decided to make things easy. Skip the candy and go straight for the fried chicken! Grab dinner and some scratch ‘n’ sniff Valentine’s Day cards, and share your love of fried chicken with your valentine.”

In addition to its Valentine’s Day cards, KFC is also capitalizing on technology to further boost this campaign’s visibility. Tenor, the largest mobile GIF search engine that’s integrated with Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter, has created a series of animated KFC valentines that run through the holiday on Wednesday.

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