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QSR Magazine: Taco Bell Scrapping XL Soda Cups in 2017

The fast food chain has decided to make a number of resolutions this year.

Taco Bell has a few New Year’s resolutions for 2017 that will show the brand’s commitment to its customers, food and employees. According to a recent QSR Magazine article, Taco Bell is saying goodbye to its XL soda cups in the new year, removing all antibiotics from its chicken in U.S. restaurants, as well as removing preservatives and additives from its food by 2018.

The fast food chain has already started to only serve 100 percent cage-free whole eggs on its breakfast menu, and is expanding the initiative to the rest of the core menu.

After cutting sodium by 15 percent on average for the whole menu since 2008, Taco Bell would like to keep growing that number by another 10 percent.

While customers will see changes to the menu, employees will see changes more education, training programs, along with more jobs available to potential new employees.

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