QSR Magazine: Tech Marks The Spot
QSR Magazine: Tech Marks The Spot

Location-based technologies help upgrade marketing and operations for restaurants.

QSR Magazine article, location-based
technologies like geofencing, beacons, and radio frequency identification
(RFID) are now increasingly being used in the restaurant industry to improve
marketing efforts and ordering processes.

technology is delivering data to restaurants that they’ve never had before.
Having insight into what customers are buying, when, and where is giving brands
the information they need to support their marketing strategies more

“Restaurants want to know their customers better, because by knowing their customers, they can personalize the convenience options and give them their food where they want it, when they want it, and how they want to order it,” says Vince Crimaldi, vice president of the consumer products, retail, and distribution unit at management consulting firm Capgemini.

technologies certainly do not come without challenges though. Maintaining
customer privacy and keeping up with costs associated with updating new
technologies may prevent brands from attempting to include location-based
technology into their business strategies.  

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