QSR: Restaurant-Market Hybrids are Rising in Foodservice
QSR: Restaurant-Market Hybrids are Rising in Foodservice

These hybrids offer a new experience for consumers and business owners.

The days when stores and restaurants were mutually exclusive are over. A QSR article notes that some retailers are beginning to merge the concepts to create businesses that offer both options in one convenient setting. However, the experience is still fairly new for consumers.

“One of the biggest challenges we face when we go into a new retail market is training customers how to use this concept," said Kris Furniss of Caviar & Bananas. 

According to a recent article in QSR, these hybrids have many moving parts to manage. It can become difficult for owners to decide where their attention should be focused. On one hand, they are servicing customers in the restaurant, but they are also selling the same ingredients within their store. 

Furniss posed the question, "“If we sell them our homemade granola to go, does that mean they don’t come in and eat it here anymore?” 

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