QSR: Which Wich’s Bacon Blitz
QSR: Which Wich’s Bacon Blitz

Sandwich chain brings home the bacon with LTO items.

It’s totally timeless, the best-kept secret to world harmony and a perfect addition to, well, any and every meal. Say it loud and say it proud, people: Bacon brings people together. Now, Dallas-based sandwich chain Which Wich is uniting sandwich lovers everywhere one strip of bacon at a time. Last Monday, the sammie slingers subbed out standard bacon crumbles for Hormel’s Applewood-smoked variety.

“We always want to create a unique offering, and something that you can only get it at Which Wich,” said Hala Habal, vice president of corporate communications.

This isn’t some under-the-radar switch, either — Which Wich will be celebrating the item swap with two special summer items: a BLT that boasts eight slices of bacon and a bacon milkshake.

While the limited edition noshes will be phased out after summer, the upgraded Hormel bacon is here to stay and can be added to any Which Wich sandwich for just a dollar.

And they say money can’t buy happiness.

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