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How Raintree Has Helped Footprints Floors Sign More Than 30 Deals for 50 Territories Since May 2019

Franchise sales consultancy Raintree has driven major growth for the floor installation company, including signing a record-setting four franchise deals in one week.

In 2008, Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park sought to bring a higher level of sophistication and customer service to the flooring industry. Eager to scale, the budding Littleton, Colorado-brand began to grow organically, and Park and the rest of the leadership team chose to seek aid and advice from industry-leading franchise sales and marketing company Raintree

At the start of their partnership with Raintree, Footprints Floors had just five Franchise Owners who were all based in Colorado. Fast forward to today and Footprints Floors has grown to over 50 territories across the country with the help of Raintree — signing over 30 new Franchise Owners in 17 states since May 2019 and recently setting a record by signing four of those Franchise Owners in a single week. 

Raintree’s interest in working with Footprints Floors stemmed from a few key factors: low investment, minimal overhead, the uniqueness of the brand in the flooring industry and its clear potential for growth within the $400 billion home service market. 

“Footprints Floors was such an attractive candidate for Raintree to work with because of its willingness and desire to grow,” said Raintree Director of Brand Development Lana Mazin. “They’re willing to put in effort on their end. They’re a very unique brand in the market, as they aren’t just a traditional flooring franchise — they offer something different. Flooring is not a fad and the ROI potential is absolutely there.” 

Raintree, who works primarily with emerging brands as they look to expand their footprint through franchising, is incredibly selective when it comes to choosing its partner brands. The decision is based on two criteria: Does the brand have the proven mindset and capacity for growth? And is this brand made up of people who we would want to have a beer with? According to Mazin, Footprints Floors is the “golden example” of a brand that meets these criteria. 

“Founder Bryan Park has been a great partner who’s always more than open to our suggestions,” said Mazin. “Bryan is of the mindset that he knows that he’s working with experts, and he has been patient in the process of what it takes Raintree to learn and become fully equipped to educate potential owners on the brand.”

Mazin says that the process of building a relationship with any client is often lengthy, and it can take at least three months to forge this kind of productive partnership. But Raintree’s time spent investing in research and learning the brand is what's been able to set off Footprints Floors’ record-breaking growth. 

“Over time you really start to understand what the big selling factors of the brand are. It took a few months to get going, but now Footprints Floors is the most dialed-in brand we have,” said Mazin. “It took a lot of patience and time to learn the business and how to grow it, and Bryan has been understanding of that ramp-up time.”

Amid the pandemic, Mazin said that it’s been exciting to watch Footprints Floors see continued growth and success. 

“Footprints Floors generally has not suffered in any way — it’s thrived through this time,” she said. “The model is attractive to a lot of people, and so is its low investment. Bryan created this business during a recession, and it’s been able to grow in times that are good and able to shrink when times are hard. Right now, I think it’s the simplicity of the business that’s helped it become so successful.”

The partnership has certainly been a success for Footprints Floors, but the overall success of it has been mutually beneficial, according to Mazin. For Footprints Floors it has meant welcoming 23 new Franchise Owners this year and 12 last year, dramatically expanding their national presence. For Raintree, it’s the results they’ve provided to Footprints Floors that has the brand spreading the word to other franchise brands who want to sign Raintree on board. 

Park notes that the partnership with Raintree has been hugely beneficial in growing his brand, and is eager to see what’s to come as it continues.

"Raintree has been the key to most, if not all, of Footprints' national growth,” said Park. “Our model is sound and our staff is fantastic, but it's Raintree that gives us the opportunity to get in front of people to share the model and staff. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today.  We're so excited to continue this journey with Raintree for years to come."

The startup costs for a Footprints Floors franchise range from $68,130 - $95,580, which includes a franchise fee of $60,000 for a single territory. To learn more about franchising with Footprints Floors, visit

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