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REGYMEN Fitness Franchisee Jason Haynes Successfully Reopens Huntsville, Alabama Gym

Thanks to virtual workouts and strong franchisor support, franchisees such as the Haynes' were able to stay connected with customers in their markets throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

As the country continues to reopen for business, one brand eager to provide its signature offering in a safe manner is the high-energy boutique fitness studio franchise REGYMEN Fitness.

REGYMEN Fitness was founded in 2015 and began offering franchising opportunities in 2018. The brand offers three signature fitness platforms to help customers meet their health and wellness goals: Burn, which focuses on cardio and weights; Box, which focuses on power punching and core work; and Build, which focuses on compound movements and explosive cardio. REGYMEN Fitness further differentiates itself from the competition by tracking member heart rates and using analytics to help them set goals and give them real-time updates on their progress.

Today, REGYMEN Fitness is focused on helping franchisees reopen their gyms safely and successfully.

One REGYMEN Fitness franchisee who recently reopened his gym is Jason Haynes. Haynes owns and operates the brand’s Huntsville, Alabama location, which opened in November 2019 and was steadily growing up until COVID-19 hit. But despite temporarily closing its doors, the business was able to keep members engaged by offering virtual workouts. Aided by the support and leadership of his Team Director, Colin Gooch, Haynes reopened his gym in mid-May and was eager to make sure the reopening was executed successfully and safely.

To this end, Haynes’ gym opened at half-capacity to ensure social distancing. Staff members are required to wear masks and perform temperature checks on incoming staff and customers, and there is an even bigger emphasis on social distancing and cleaning — this includes increasing the number of cleaning materials available in the studio.

“We have made so many new local connections through our virtual sessions, and we have new members who are transitioning to join us in in-studio classes,” Haynes said. “We want to ensure people feel comfortable working out in the studio again. Alabama was very hesitant in its re-opening process; there wasn’t a lot of knowledge coming from the government about when we would be able to re-open. We were able to state our case to the Governor about how we would be able to maintain safety during re-opening, and ultimately we were granted the ability to re-open.”

Haynes’ gym is already seeing high demand from customers who are eager to get back to their favorite workout. Workouts are either fully booked or close to fully booked, and the gym is balancing this demand with the need to abide by state reopening guidelines. Haynes and his team also want to ensure first responders in the area get the chance to enjoy discounted workouts as a thank-you for their hard work during COVID-19.

“I was active duty in the Air Force for 17 years, and I’m in the reserves now,” Haynes said. “We wanted to make sure the first responders were being recognized, so we’re offering a 30% frontline discount. There are a lot of medical professionals in the area, and we want to give back to them during these times.”

Haynes is grateful for the support of the REGYMEN Fitness leadership team, especially during COVID-19. He noted that while the brand is a young one, the leadership team provides the solid support one would expect of more established brands.

“It’s great to have the support of a very impressive group of corporate professionals who are willing to open up and take franchisee feedback from the field,” Haynes said. “That’s what drew me to the brand in the first place, and they continue to impress me.”

The REGYMEN Fitness leadership team is likewise proud of Haynes’ dedication to the brand and his commitment to reopening his location as safely as possible.

“COVID-19 has not been easy on anyone, especially for franchisees,” co-founder and chief strategy officer EK Navan said. “For this reason, the leadership team has prioritized franchisee support during this difficult time. This includes getting creative with workouts both in-person and online. At REGYMEN Fitness, we are excited to get back to business in a safe manner and are confident our efforts will pay off as gyms start to reopen.”

The startup costs for a REGYMEN franchise range from $299,500 to $770,500. The franchise fee is $49,500. To learn more about franchising with REGYMEN Fitness, visit