How REGYMEN Fitness’ Membership-Based Franchise Model and Effective Workout Turns Customers Into Owners
How REGYMEN Fitness’ Membership-Based Franchise Model and Effective Workout Turns Customers Into Owners

Guided by their personal training and business backgrounds, franchisees-to-be Emily and Laie Wong saw enough value in the innovative boutique fitness franchise as members to buy into the REGYMEN brand.

When personal trainers Laie and Emily Wong came across a REGYMEN Fitness studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, they knew they were in the presence of something special.

“I attended my first REGYMEN workout and was immediately hooked,” said Emily. “The one-hour workout packed aspects of competition, teamwork, challenge, and success into an atmosphere that reminded me of a dance club.” 

REGYMEN Fitness burst onto the scene in 2018, transforming the boutique fitness space with its 60-minute, high-energy workouts backed by heart-rate science. Employing three mutually-beneficial programs—”Burn,” “Box” and “Build”—the fitness concept combines high-intensity interval training with weight training for a unique experience that is completely focused on delivering science-backed results. 

“I have attended workouts at just about every local health club facility in the Baton Rouge area,” said Emily. “What really stood out was the level at which the REGYMEN coaches had been educated, infusing the studio with energy, executing each workout flawlessly and always showing such enthusiasm and engagement with the members.”

After spending over 10 years working in the health and wellness space as personal trainers, both Emily and Laie know firsthand how essential it is to have dedicated and inspiring coaches leading the workout.

“During all the time I have spent in workout facilities, I’ve seen countless hours of incorrect form and poorly executed exercises,” said Emily. “The coaches at REGYMEN aren't just leading a class—they are coaching form and giving feedback to help each person improve.”

Laie eventually moved into the sales side of the health and wellness segment, operating several nutrition stores in the Baton Rouge area. When he heard of a REGYMEN franchising opportunity in Gonzales, Louisiana, he immediately reached out to the executive team for more information. 

REGYMEN’s attractive membership model, flexible program, studio atmosphere, manageable operations model and ongoing corporate assistance mean franchisees can capitalize on the boom in the health and wellness industry while also carving out a major piece of the boutique fitness segment.

“Our combined fitness and business backgrounds have allowed us to make all the right decisions,” said Laie. “The business side taught me how to maintain ROI and provide a needed service, while the fitness side has kept me ahead of the curve and always adjusting to market trends.”

REGYMEN’s membership-based franchise model and strategic pre-sale marketing campaign provide a low barrier of entry, allowing franchise owners like the Wongs to open their doors with a backlog of memberships already in place. This, along with extensive training, industry-leading technology systems and on-going marketing assistance position franchisees for success. 

According to Laie, plans to own all three corporate locations in the greater Baton Rouge area have provided a long-term timeline of about five to six years. REGYMEN’s scalable model lends itself to multi-unit operators like the Wongs that can operate several studios in one region, helping with brand awareness and the utilization of management. 

Laie and Emily could not be more thrilled to bring the camaraderie of REGYMEN’s accessible workout program to even more members of their community. “There are very few businesses I have felt this strongly about promoting,” said Emily. “The more I learned about the business side of this company, the more excited I became. REGYMEN is a huge success and will continue to be as it branches out further in the Baton Rouge area and the rest of the country.”

The start-up costs for a REGYMEN Fitness franchise range from $425,000 to $870,500, with a $34,000 franchise fee. To learn more about franchising with REGYMEN, visit https://regymenfitnessfranchise.com/.

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