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Renew Crew Franchisees Have Seen Significant Growth in Sales During the Pandemic, Thanks in Part to Strong Corporate Leadership

Franchisees with the pressure washing brand who have seen significant growth in year-over-year sales attributed much of their success to strong support from leadership.

Since the start of the pandemic, the home service industry has seen a significant boom in demand as most Americans remain homebound — and consequently, leading outdoor cleaning surface franchise Renew Crew is seeing significant growth in sales. Amid such an unprecedented time, franchisees of the brand have turned to Renew Crew’s leadership for support, and they couldn’t be happier. The brand’s 20-plus years of experience helping its franchisees achieve their career goals while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle is paying off, and the brand is helping promote growth at the individual level.

Corporate influence aside, much of the credit for the growing success of Renew Crew — one of the sought-after brands in the Premium Service Brands family — can be attributed to its franchisees. Todd Barnett of Renew Crew in Dallas has seen an increase in year-over-year sales of 43% — noting that because more people are spending time at home on their decks, the want for things to be clean and well maintained is fueling the growth of his business. 

Dean Ritchey of Renew Crew in Lincoln, Nebraska has seen even greater success during the pandemic. Ritchey said that in a typical year his business usually sees a 15% increase in year-over-year sales, but amid the pandemic business has exploded — jumping to a 55% increase in year-over-year sales as of September, something he attributes to the help from Renew Crew’s supportive and understanding corporate leadership. 

“From what I’ve seen, people seem to be spending their vacation budgets on home improvement projects, and our business hasn’t slowed down. Through all of this craziness, support from the corporate team has been great,” Ritchey said. “They have been doing all they can to get us through this unprecedented situation and they’ve been easygoing and understanding as we try to navigate even the littlest of struggles. Corporate is stepping up operations because business has seen such a significant boom and their bi-weekly communication with us at the field level has really made a difference.”

And for Jerry Lesh of Renew Crew in Springfield, Missouri, the same sentiment of appreciation for corporate leadership rings true. Lesh’s business has seen a 33% increase in year-over-year sales, an achievement he says was made possible by the network of support and resources that come along with working with a brand backed by Premium Service Brands.

“Since Renew Crew became part of the Premium Services Brands family, the support from the corporate coaches and team has been amazing as far as helping us stay focused on goals,” said Lesh. “The bi-weekly meetings and constant communication with the leadership team helps us achieve success by staying on task.”

Support during the pandemic has certainly been strong, but staying connected with its franchisees is something Renew Crew leadership prides itself in under any circumstance — crisis or not. According to Paul Flick, CEO of Premium Service Brands, Renew Crew has the strongest network and hands-on training initiatives in place for its franchisees to prepare them to thrive in the industry.

“Our executive leadership team supports our franchise owners’ operations, markets and staff to determine the best course of action and timeline for their growth and success,” said Flick. “Plus, it works closely, one-on-one with our franchise owners from the first point of inquiry to opening day and throughout the life of the franchise.”

Looking forward, Renew Crew is positioned for continued growth and success beyond the pandemic now that so many new customers are familiar with the quality cleaning services the home service brand is able to provide. And, the significant growth that franchisees experienced thus far has them eager to see what the future holds. 

“Who knows what that will lead to down the road, but we’ll take the adventure as a success and a blessed success at that,” said Ritchey.

The average Renew Crew investment ranges from $100,000 to $150,000, with a franchise fee of $60,000. For more information, visit: