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How the Renovation Sells Franchise Gives Entrepreneurs a Clear Path to Success in the Real Estate World

Renovation Sells helps entrepreneurs tap into the red-hot pre-sale renovation segment by connecting them with Realtors, finding subcontractors and training them on the in’s and out’s of the marketplace.

Renovation Sells, the Chicago-based remodeling franchise, was born from a need in the real estate sector for professional renovation services in the residential, pre-sale market. Now, in the midst of a prolonged real estate boom, this need is stronger than ever, and Renovation Sells franchise owners have the opportunity to dominate their local real estate market with the backing and support of a company with a proven model behind them. 

The ideal Renovation Sells franchisee is motivated, relationship-driven and committed to building a great business in their market. Of course, candidates will naturally have a little trepidation about starting a new business, even one with a solid track record. Luckily, prospects can be confident that the Renovation Sells franchise opportunity is designed to overcome any challenge. Here are some examples.

Objection #1: The real estate market is TOO hot. 

Home sales are the highest they’ve been since 2006 as Millennials reach homebuying age and look to take advantage of historically low mortgage rates. This has created a seller’s market, and looking ahead, millennial-buyers, low interest rates and the increasing adoption of work-from-home policies will likely keep home sales rising for years to come. These buyers will increasingly demand move-in-ready homes, but Baby Boomers are the market’s primary home sellers right now, and Millennial buyers aren’t always impressed with the outdated homes that are for sale. Renovation Sells offers franchisees the opportunity to fill this gap in the real estate market by leveraging the brand’s in-house design expertise, streamlined business model, exceptional support infrastructure and thriving network of real estate agents. 

“Right now, it is a seller’s market, and homes are selling faster than they ever have,” said  Valente. “While this could potentially create a hurdle for our business model since buyers are less likely to demand upgrades, Renovation Sells has continued to thrive because real estate agents know updated homes sell for more money and attract larger pools of potential buyers.”

While the booming real estate market may seem overwhelming for some prospects, ideal candidates will see the long-term strategy. Real estate can change on a dime. When mortgage rates increase, the market will cool off, and Renovation Sells franchises will be perfectly positioned to do three things: provide updates to homes that are sitting on the market, service savvy real estate agents who want the highest sales price and provide supply to fuel the demand of Millennials who want move-in ready homes at affordable prices.

Objection #2: Finding good subcontractors is TOO hard. 

Renovation Sells franchisees have no need for employees at the start. Instead, franchise owners will be identifying, recruiting and managing highly skilled subcontractors who handle all of the project installs. Luckily, franchisees only need a handful of good subcontractors since they aren't building 300 units — they are providing fast and efficient upgrades over three weeks. An ideal candidate should feel confident finding at least one strong subcontractor for each trade.

Prospects worried about finding the subcontractors they need can feel confident knowing the Renovations Sells corporate team will support them in their search. From there, it will be up to the individual franchise owner to ensure subcontractors are treated well and paid on time, which will allow the team to grow stronger and more successful.

“Like any franchise concept, we understand that candidates may have some objections when they come into the research process,” said Valente. “As we guide prospects through onboarding and they develop a better understanding of the business model, they can see that we’ve designed it to succeed in any market, at any time, as long as it is with the right candidate.”

Objection #3: I can't find or don't know any real estate agents. 

By focusing on efficient and affordable upgrades for the presale market, Renovation Sells has shifted its primary customer base to real estate agents. Real estate agents have come to recognize Renovation Sells as a trusted partner for creating ready-to-list properties in a timely and cost-effective manner. These agents know that Renovation Sells not only eliminates many of the pitfalls of traditional general contracting and they benefit from the team’s design expertise and streamlined project management, but this opportunity also solves a major hurdle in their portfolio of listings. Instead of having their clients shop around for the best quote, real estate agents recommend Renovation Sells and create a steady stream of referrals for franchisees. 

“Renovation Sells provides a toolbox of resources, but it’s up to franchisees to build the relationships that are going to create sales for their business,” said CEO Michael Valente. “Ideal candidates should be able to network as a trusted individual in their community.” 

For those candidates unsure about how they will start the process, there are many public websites that host local lists of agents. In addition, the Renovation Sells team will provide each market with their own resource of “Top Agents” and “Top Brokerages” and provide insight on how to connect with them. Franchisees can reach real estate agents through individual listing emails, social media, and old fashioned sales meetings. 

Every national real estate brokerage is also moving towards supporting their agents with pre-sale renovations either by selecting preferred contractors or paying for renovations out of the brokerage. That means Renovation Sells franchisees already have a head start on this emerging industry.

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