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Renovation Sells Charlotte Owner Discusses His Path to Ownership with the Home Renovation Brand

Will Allen, Owner of Renovation Sells Charlotte, talks about what drew him to the pre-sale home renovation franchise and what he hopes to accomplish as a franchisee.

By Tracey Willmott1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 06/29/22

Renovations Sells, the fastest-growing, pre-sale home renovation franchise, helps Realtors and homeowners sell their home for the highest amount possible with easy, cosmetic updates before going to market. Will Allen, owner of Renovation Sells Charlotte, is hoping to capitalize on the $419 billion renovation industry and bring this much needed service to his local North Carolina community.

Allen was first introduced to home renovation through his previous construction industry experience. After looking at several other construction and real estate franchise opportunities, he landed on Renovation Sells.

“What drew me to Renovation Sells ultimately was the scalability of it,” said Allen. "I looked at a few other construction and real estate aligned businesses and all of them were really capital intensive... When I started looking at the Renovation Sells numbers, I realized this is truly a business you can grow exponentially without a huge capital rollout."

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