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Robeks Combines Flavorful Options and Nutritious Ingredients to Appeal to Every Customer’s Definition of Health

With delicious smoothies and juices made with the best fruits, fresh vegetables, and natural ingredients, Robeks knows taste doesn’t have to be sacrificed for health and nutrition.

Founded in 1996 by David Robertson, the LA-based smoothie concept Robeks brings customers healthy food in a modern, energetic environment. Robertson was a health-conscious eater who was unsatisfied with the lack of options for convenient, fresh and healthy smoothies in his area. The former lawyer started Robeks with the goal of delivering flavorful smoothies, bowls and juices to customers who craved convenient and delicious options.

“The integrity and quality of our fresh-squeezed juices and smoothies are the very best on the market,” said David Rawnsley, president and chief financial officer at Robeks. “As opposed to the competition, Robeks works hard to find the delicious harmony between incredible flavor and nutrition. We use the very best ingredients and the best dietary supplements to reach those who want to live a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying a special treat.”

The first Robeks store was opened in Southern California and quickly garnered a huge following of loyal customers, including many famous celebrities. “It is no secret that healthy dining is booming in popularity right now,” said Mitch Baker, VP of Marketing. “While there are more and more smoothie concepts opening up every day, Robeks sets itself apart with premium ingredients and a focus on creating unbeatable and unique flavors that customers can’t find anywhere else.”

Robeks is constantly looking for ways to offer new menu items and better nutrition, whether it be wellness smoothies made with kale, performance smoothies made with whey or pea proteins or smoothie bowls made with Brazilian superfruits. The brand’s innovative menu also features an array of fresh-squeezed juices and açaí bowls. Plus, customers can get their needed blast of nutrients with Robeks’ wheatgrass, lemon ginger or turmeric wellness shots.

Everyone's definition of health is different—some consumers only want sugar-free, plant-based superfoods with antioxidants and other consumers are in the gym every day and just want the protein and calorie intake,” said Rawnsley. “We’ve made sure to appeal to every smoothie customer from health fans to baby boomers to trendy young people and busy workers. Our wide array of fruits and vegetables can be freshly squeezed in any combination to create custom blends.”

In June 2019 Robeks partnered with the National Watermelon Promotion Board to kick off the summer season with three innovative, fresh watermelon menu choices—Watermelon Acai Bowl, Wailea Watermelon Smoothie and Watermelon Shot—that invited guests to kick back and savor the flavor of the season. To ring in the fall, Robeks rolled out the Almond Delight and Superfood Bliss bowls to give guests a tasty, healthy way to enjoy the season refreshed and energized.

In addition to staying ahead of the health food trend, Robeks also prioritizes the use of innovative technology. The brand recently launched an online ordering platform and Robeks Rewards app in order to increase customer loyalty, offer special promotions and integrate with third-party delivery apps. 

“The Robeks concept is uniquely designed to meet every customer’s definition of health, and with 83 franchise locations across the country we are continuing to introduce our delicious bowls, fresh juices and smoothies to new communities every day,” said Baker. “Thanks to our recent brand and menu refresh, our devoted following of loyal fans is only getting stronger.”

The total estimated cost to open a Robeks is $228,450-$340,000. The brand offers discounts for veterans and multi-unit owners. For more info, visit: