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Robeks Emphasis on Flavor, In-Demand Product and Targeted Growth Let Franchisees Tap Into the $2 Billion Smoothie, Juice and Bowl Segment

With a plan to reach 100 locations by 2021, the emerging smoothie brand offers franchise partners a proven business model and industry-leading opportunity to bring healthy eating and innovative flavors to their communities.

David Robertson opened the first Robeks in 1996 in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Harvard graduate was a health-conscious eater who was dismayed at the options for fast dining and a huge fan of fruit smoothies that health food stores sold. In 2001, he took matters into his own hands and began franchising in order to deliver convenient smoothies to the health-conscious consumer.

Since then, Robeks has earned a healthy portion of the booming bowl, fresh juice and smoothie franchise market over the years, expanding to feature 83 franchise locations across the country. With a recent brand refresh and menu revamp, Robeks franchisees are in a better position than ever to provide healthy food in a colorful, high energy setting.

From day one, Robeks’ made-to-order smoothies, juices and bowls—enhanced with a proprietary line of enrichments—have resulted in a solid customer base of loyal, raving fans, including many famous celebrities. Robeks appeals to all age, gender and economic segments, with people from all walks of life enjoying the products as a delicious and healthy treat, as well as a meal replacement or important part of their fitness routine.

“At Robeks, we know what works in the smoothie segment, and the kind of franchise owners that thrive in this fun, yet fast-paced environment,” said David Rawnsley, President and Chief Financial Officer. “Now, we are looking for difference makers all over the country who are as committed to their community as they are passionate about building their portfolio.”

While Robeks has its roots in Southern California, brand awareness is growing steadily nationwide. In 2019. Robeks saw four new openings—Downtown LA, Rockville, Maryland, Sacred Heart University in Connecticut and Thousand Oaks, California. This year, the corporate team has identified several strong markets that are primed for franchise development thanks to a combination of brand-recognition and whitespace, including Arizona, South Florida, Southern California, Connecticut, Northeast Ohio and the Greater Washington D.C. area.

The demand for healthy options and bowls continues to grow and Robeks is at the forefront of the U.S. smoothie market. “The smoothie category is crowded, and as a brand our size, it is important to disrupt the category and have a differentiated concept,” said Mitch Baker, VP of Marketing. “At Robeks, we’ve clearly led with incredible flavor and we’re continually evolving our menu to feature high-quality, innovative products that customers can’t find anywhere else.”

Robeks has also made a point to stay on the forefront of technology for both franchisees and customers. The brand recently launched an online ordering platform and created the Robeks Rewards app in order to increase customer loyalty and recurring revenue through online sales and promotions. A recent upgrade to the Robeks Rewards App also allows guests to place their orders for delivery to their home or office, providing great convenience for customers, and added revenue-generating opportunities for franchisees.

“In addition to our consumer offering, owning a Robeks location is full of built-in benefits thanks to our simple and turn-key operations,” said Rawnsley. “Since there is no on-site cooking, our locations are easier and cheaper to open and operate than other, full-restaurant concepts.”

With no corporate-owned locations, the Robeks team is 100% focused on franchisee success.  In fact, Rawnsley, the brand’s president, is a franchise partner himself and knows from personal experience – the effort, the energy, and the passion that is required to take a Robeks franchise down the path to success. To nurture that success, Robeks is proud to provide industry-leading support from the day franchisees sign the contract through grand opening and beyond.

“Franchisees are given a full suite of support with site selection, design, and construction,” said Corey Remington, Manager of Franchise Development. “Each store design and floor plan is customized for that franchise partner’s specific space. Plus, our revamped store design can fit in retail spaces less than 800-square-feet, designed to make Robeks more convenient, efficient and profitable.”

The brand’s best-in-class franchisee training infrastructure includes a seven-day, intensive program of in-store training on systems and procedures, product knowledge, management, local store marketing, operations and customer service. Three more days of continued training and assessment are provided at the Los Angeles headquarters. To guarantee a smooth roll-out, Robeks deploys Operations Reps to each new store for a week after opening.

"I had no food experience. I think the business itself has a simplicity of the operations. One of the things you have with a quick service restaurant is proteins or product that goes bad very quickly. You have a lot more waste and a lot more risk of foodborne illness for the customer. This is a very clean, efficient and fun place for people to work. I can take a new employee and within an afternoon they’re helping customers. It’s a healthy concept to get behind", says Robert K of Los Angeles.

Last but not least, established franchisees are able to take advantage of purchasing contracts and are giving access to Robeks’ national buying power and long-term relationships with well-respected purveyors.

According to Robert Campos, Vice President of Franchise Sales, the ideal Robeks franchisee is first-and-foremost passionate about the Robeks Experience, is likely living a healthy lifestyle themselves. The impressive network of franchisees even includes Olympic-qualifying runners. Whether it be single or multi-unit owners, the franchise partners need to be outgoing, team-leaders who are proud to be a part of the Robeks family.

“With the help of qualified franchise partners, the company is projected to reach 100 locations by 2021,” said Rawnsley. “Robeks offers entrepreneurs a proven business model, exceptional support infrastructure, and an opportunity to become an important asset to their communities by delivering both healthy eating and healthy living.”

The total estimated cost to open a Robeks is $228,450-$340,000. The brand offers discounts for veterans and multi-unit owners. For more info, visit: