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Robeks Kicks Off Q2 With Multi-Unit Franchise Agreement in Denver

The health-focused smoothie brand is making major headway in expanding its Colorado footprint.

By Alex Lockie1851 Franchise Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 04/27/21

Robeks, the smoothie and juice franchise with more than 85 units across the country, is stepping into spring with a bounty of fresh locations on the horizon. One of those locations: Denver, Colorado where entrepreneur and former US Navy pilot Angie Baker has signed on to open five new stores beginning this year. 

Baker spent her time flying high in U.S. Navy P-3 Orion maritime surveillance aircraft, but when she found herself stationed in Miramar, Florida, she instantly fell in love with Robeks’ delicious and good-for-you offerings. 

“Somewhere around 2010 while I was in Florida, there was a Robeks that I would frequently visit for smoothies and smoothie bowls. It didn’t take long before I completely fell in love with the product,” said Baker. 

How Robeks Won the Navy Veteran Over

Fast forward more than a decade and Baker returned to the brand not as a customer, but as an entrepreneur eager to share the tasty and nutritious offerings with her new community in Denver. For Baker, Robeks provides her with the opportunity to combine two of her core values derived from her time in the military: physical fitness and discipline. 

“I obviously had to meet high physical standards in the Navy,” said Baker. “I’m a runner, and I've done marathons as well as Ragnar races. Health and wellness have always been high on my list of the things in my life that I consider to be the most important, and Robeks immediately appealed to that part of me.”

Beyond that, Baker hopes to use her upcoming stores as an opportunity to train the next generation of working professionals by mentoring her staff. As someone who rose through the ranks of the U.S. Navy and is a mother of five children, Baker has a wealth of wisdom to pass on. 

“I’m thrilled not only to bring Robeks to Denver but also to have the opportunity to work closely with a group of people,” said Baker. “I know that a lot of the employees will likely be younger, either in high school or college, and this may be their first-ever job. Being able to work with young people and help teach them the importance of timeliness, reliability, hard work and personal ownership is very exciting to me.” 

Why Denver Makes Sense for Robeks

Robeks’ growth in Denver simply continues a path of rapid acceleration brought on by the franchise’s in-demand offerings. With a product that’s easy to grab and enjoy on the go and with health-focused offerings that boost the immune system, the pandemic has proved fertile grounds for the franchise. Also, with easy-to-use online ordering methods, the brand has proven its ability to consistently meet the needs of the customer in today’s ever-changing landscape. 

According to Baker, places like Denver are crying out for more places like Robeks. 

“I felt Denver was a great opportunity; everyone is so outdoorsy and health-driven here. Denver is very similar to SoCal, where the brand was founded. There’s an easy alignment, and it’s clear to see that the brand will thrive. Plus, Denver is just growing and growing, so I hope there are even more Robeks franchises to come!”

David Rawnsley, the brand’s president, seconded Baker’s enthusiasm for the brand’s growth in Denver. 

“2021 has been a huge year for Robeks and its continued growth,” said Rawnsley. “The expansion into the Denver area couldn’t come with a better owner. We’re proud that a distinguished U.S. Navy veteran with a lifelong commitment to health and wellness chose to franchise with us, and we look forward to supporting her every step of the way through her multi-unit opening.”

Robeks investments range from $228,450 to $340,000 and include all franchise fees. For more information about franchising with Robeks visit:


Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Robeks is a forerunner in the wholesome juice and healthful smoothie category using fruits and vegetables at the peak of their freshness for a delicious taste and quality nutrients. Also known for its fresh Acai bowls and now adding premium toasts, Robeks continues to innovate with creatively crafted flavor combinations with fresh, high-quality ingredients that make people happy. With more than 100 locations open and in development across twelve states and the District of Columbia, Robeks continues its stellar growth with franchise opportunities in select markets across the country. For more information, visit