Round Table Pizza to Launch Pop-Up Pizza Museum
Round Table Pizza to Launch Pop-Up Pizza Museum

“The Pizza Experience” will offer a pizza box castle, pizza heaven and the opportunity to roll around in dough.

Round Table Pizza has announced a pop-up, pizza-centric museum called “The Pizza Experience.” According to a recent article in QSR Magazine the main exhibit will feature a throne made out of pizza toppings, Round Table pizza slices served on silver platters and a 20-foot castle made out of pizza boxes.

“Pizza Experience museum visitors deserve pizza fit for a king, which is why with our fresh made in-house pizza dough, gourmet ingredients and generous toppings, Round Table Pizza is the only restaurant sponsor of the buzz-worthy pop-up. While the entire museum is what pizza dreams are made of, Round Table is honored to provide the most anticipated part of the experience—the pizza,” said Geoff Goodman, Executive VP.

Other exhibits include pizza heaven, a pizza fitness room and a room where fans can roll around in pizza dough. The museum will launch on October 1st in Pasadena.

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Photo Courtesy of Round Table Pizza’s Facebook