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Ruby’s Diner Launches Stack Attack Challenge and Ruby’s Rewards to Celebrate Burger Day on July 26

In honor of the brand’s 35th anniversary, sales of $2.99 burgers and fries will benefit The Ruby Dooby Foundation.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
10:10AM 07/14/17

Ruby’s Diner is welcoming back its Burger Day celebration to commemorate the milestone 35th anniversary of the brand. On Wednesday, July 26, Ruby’s Diner locations will offer the new 35th Anniversary Burger—a quarter pound version of the classic RubyBurger with French fries—for just $2.99. The special burger will also benefit The Ruby Dooby Foundation— $1.00 of each sale will benefit Ruby’s Diner’s charitable program that supports the health and well-being of children.

But the new burger isn’t the only thing happening at Ruby’s Diner locations across the country on Burger Day. The brand is also debuting its Ruby’s Stack Attack Burger Challenge in addition to rolling out Ruby Rewards loyalty program. The Stack Attack challenges customers to eat a 3.5 pound burger made up of six, eight-ounce patties that are then loaded with toppings like RubySauce, onion rings, bacon, tater tots, jalapeños and more. For $35, challengers have to finish the burger, fries and a shake in just 35 minutes in order to win a $35 Ruby’s gift certificate, exclusive t-shirt and a shout out on social media.

Ruby’s Rewards, on the other hand, is a new loyalty program designed to give regular customer perks. Participating consumers can track points through their Ruby’s Rewards and mobile app by visiting their local Ruby’s Diner and redeem them to receive exclusive rewards at participating locations.

“Burger Day, the Stack Attack Challenge and the launch of our new Ruby’s Rewards program all unveiling on the same day, July 26, is a great way to honor our 35-year anniversary, commemorate the brand evolution and celebrate the bright future ahead for Ruby’s Diners,” said Ruby’s founder and CEO Doug Cavanaugh in a press release.

July 26 marks Ruby’s first Burger Day of the year. While this month’s celebration commemorates the birthday of the brand’s namesake, Ruby Cavanaugh, it also holds a second celebration ever year in December to celebrate the concept’s anniversary.

For a full list of Ruby’s Stack Attack Challenge participating locations, and to register for the challenge, please visit A list of Ruby's Rewards participating locations will also be included when registering for the program.