Rusty Taco Reverts Back to Its Original Name
Rusty Taco Reverts Back to Its Original Name

Inspire Brands, the new parent company of Rusty Taco, has changed the franchise’s name back to include late founder Rusty Fenton’s first name.

After a period of time where the brand was known as R Taco, Rusty Taco has officially changed its name back to reflect its roots. According to a recent article in Franchise Times, the new parent company, Inspire Brands, has changed the brand’s name back to including late founder Rusty Fenton’s first name.

“I came into the original Rusty Taco in Dallas, Texas, late in the afternoon one day after we were acquired, and I looked up and saw Inspire Brands CEO Paul Brown with a group of people walking in the door. I introduced myself, and Paul said he loved the name Rusty Taco. I think he saw this as a brand with a story behind it. There was a man named Rusty who had a dream and chased that dream. Paul is very connected to people and their story, and he took the time to find out ours,” said co-founder, Denise Fenton.

Rusty Taco was founded in 2010 by Rusty and Denise Fenton. Since its inception, the franchise has grown to 27 units across six states.

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