Saladworks Helps Franchisees Across the Country Implement Innovative Brand Refresh
Saladworks Helps Franchisees Across the Country Implement Innovative Brand Refresh

By guiding its local owners through the store redesign process, the brand is standing out to entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

Saladworks hasn’t been shy about the remodeling efforts that are taking place across its entire franchise system. Not only is the brand redefining what it means to serve top quality, customizable salads through new recipes and topping options, it’s also upgrading the design of every one of its stores. The new look and feel is designed to benefit both consumers and business owners alike—from a new logo and store layout to free WiFi and power stations to charge electronic devices, Saladworks is making positive changes across the board. And that commitment to innovation is already paying off.   

After testing the new store design in its Newton and Andorra, Pennsylvania stores, Saladworks opened up the upgrades to its franchise system that’s currently made up of nearly 100 locations. But the remodeling efforts aren’t being left to chance—Saladworks has given it structure in order to ensure the best possible results. Every location, for example, is required to change out their signage by June 1st. And the basic reimaging, which includes wallpaper, paint, graphics and menu boards, needs to be completed by December 31st. The specific timeline of the remodel process is up to every unit franchisee, but Saladworks is making sure that every one of their local owners has what they need to succeed.

“We’re in the process of conducting one-on-one meetings with every franchise group in our system. This gives us the opportunity to go over the new layout for each specific store design, and helps us ensure that every member of the brand’s team is on the same page,” said Jena Henderson, vice president of growth for Saladworks. “One of our core values centers on servant leadership and a one on one approach reminds every franchisee about our commitment to the system.  By guiding them through our remodeling efforts, we’re realizing our goal of taking the Saladworks brand to the next level.”

Those ongoing efforts to elevate Saladworks’ overall experience are off to a strong start. Sales are on the rise in stores that have already embraced the redesign, signaling that consumers are happy with the change. And according to Nish Patel, the multi-unit franchisee behind Saladworks’ Newtown location that was the first to adopt the new store design, the remodel is the reason why his location is outperforming other stores in the brand’s system. It’s also why he’s currently in the process of remodeling his second store, with his third store expected to follow suit soon after.

“I absolutely love the new store design, and it’s clear that it’s resonating with our customers. Since making the switch over, we’ve seen our sales go up by double digits. Every time we think we’ve maxed out when it comes to growth, we set a new record,” said Patel. “I’m excited for other franchisees to have the opportunity to implement the remodel in their own stores. There’s no doubt that it’ll help them tap into new customers—our new layout signals to the next generation of consumers that we’re paying attention to their needs.”

In addition to standing out to consumers, Saladworks is also capitalizing on its remodeling efforts from a corporate standpoint. The “tech bundle” that’s mandatory with every store remodel is moving every location over to one consistent POS system to help gather data that will allow the brand to record valuable data on customer purchasing habits. Saladworks is also adding profitability tools like Profit Keeper, a new intranet and training portal, and managed internet systems to help ensure PCI compliance and boost the brand’s online ordering capability.

That commitment to technological innovation and staying ahead of the curve is catching on among prospective franchisees. Saladworks’ unique approach to its system-wide remodeling efforts proves that the brand is committed to being the best in the industry. And with a strong support system and affordable initial investment that ranges from $513,159 to $532,814, including a $35,000 franchise fee, Saladworks is going above and beyond to set its local owners up for success.

“We couldn’t be happier with the results from our remodeling efforts so far. We first started this process with the goal of enhancing the overall Saladworks experience for both consumers and franchisees, and it’s clear that we’re making that mission our reality,” said Patrick Sugrue, CEO of Saladworks. “We’re actively making steps to raise the bar in the industry, and we’re confident that we’ll continue to see success as we expand in new communities across the country with the help of our franchisees.”