Saladworks targets Washington D.C. market
Saladworks targets Washington D.C. market

Saladworks continues its Northeastern sprawl by targeting one of the region's biggest cities.

With an almost 30-year history and a cult-like following throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Massachusetts and Maryland, Saladworks is looking to continue its Northeastern sprawl by targeting one of the region’s biggest cities—Washington D.C.

“Choosing Washington D.C. as the next market for our Saladworks brand expansion was an easy decision for us,” said Jena Henderson, vice president of brand services for Saladworks. “With so many locations already throughout the Northeast, people already recognize, know, and trust our store, our food, and our services. It’s a natural progression for Saladworks to enter Washington D.C., and an extension of our core.”

Founded in 1986, Saladworks is a unique restaurant concept, offering customers the ability to design their own entrée-sized salads with more than 60 ethically sourced ingredients chopped in-house daily. Customers can also choose one of 12 suggested “signature salads,” a variety of warm, filling soups or one of many sandwich options. All salads and sandwiches are made to order by the Saladworks team.

According to Henderson, the company is confident that Saladworks’ fresh meal alternatives will appeal to the busy downtown area’s lunch crowd.

“Not only does Washington D.C. make sense to us geographically, but it’s also a perfect market because of the people in it,” Henderson said. “The city has a consumer base filledwith on-the-go people. They want something quick and easy without having to compromise quality and nutrition. We believe Saladworks is the perfect option in to complement their busy lifestyles.”

Saladworks is aiming to open five locations in downtown Washington D.C., and their long-term plans include opening another 20 locations in Northern Virginia.