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5 Reasons School of Rock is the Number One Franchise for Child Enrichment

Since 1998 the Music Education franchise has been committed to providing students with valuable skills that last a lifetime.

By Colleen Quaid1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 8:08AM 08/27/18

For over 20 years, School of Rock has been enriching students’ lives through their unique approach to music education. The Music Franchise combines one-on-one instruction with group practices that culminate with live performances on stage. Hundreds-of-thousands of alumni across the world attribute their confidence, ability to work in groups and problem-solving skills to their time at School of Rock.

The Franchise now has 207 locations in 10 countries worldwide and continues to inspire students to chase their dreams, explore their passions and challenge themselves each day. It’s no wonder that School of Rock was chosen as the number one franchise for child enrichment by Entrepreneur Magazine two years in a row.

Here are five reasons why School of Rock stands out from the crowd and has resonated with students, teachers, parents and franchisees for so many years.

1.  Unique Curriculum

School of Rock understands why students want to learn how to play an instrument. They recognize that students are inspired by their favorite musicians, who they have seen perform on stage and TV. The Music Franchise uses this inspiration—the desire to perform on stage—as the core of its curriculum.

“Students drop out of traditional lessons because they can’t connect what they’re learning with their ultimate goal—performing with a band. What we do is teach the same music theory and educational components that are the core of music education, but we teach them in a way that keeps kids motivated,” shared Elliot Baldini, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “We combine one-on-one lessons with group rehearsals.  This allows students to apply the teachings from their one-on-one lessons directly to a band setting. This process helps them stay interested and motivated.” 

2. Musical Proficiency

School of Rock’s curriculum gets results.  The Company prides itself on the talent that comes out of its schools.

Baldini shared, “We create really great musicians. Our curriculum is structured so students have fun and stay engaged, and ultimately become incredible musicians. Learning how to play an instrument is a hard process, but we get students up on stage quickly.  It’s amazing seeing such talented young students progress their music skills.  We have students that go on to work on Broadway, sign record deals, and become finalists on talent shows like ‘American Idol’ and ‘The Voice’. 

3. Development of Soft Skills

School of Rock prides itself on enriching the lives of students in a variety of ways. Baldini notes that students aren’t just learning how to play an instrument, they’re learning teamwork, they’re gaining incredible friendships, they’re solidifying their sense of self-identity and they’re learning the value of hard work.

“We’re not just a chop shop that creates great musicians. We see kids blossom through our programs. Parents often share that School of Rock has been one of the most positively impactful activities in which their child has participated.  We take a lot of pride in this.” 

4. Passionate Community

When a student joins School of Rock, they’re joining a passionate, committed team all focused on the same goal.

“It’s not just about the students. If you’re looking for a child-education company with passionate leaders and owners, this is the number one place to be. All the way from our corporate staff, to the franchisees, to our teachers, everyone is a part of our community because they love music and are committed to our mission,” stated Baldini.

5. 20 Years of Expertise 

There is no other music-education business that has 20 years of experience, over 200 locations in 10 countries, 30,000 students worldwide and is continually ranked as one of the best franchises in the world. With start-up costs between $136,850 to $339,100, there is no better time to join the School of Rock community.

Baldini agrees, “We have the best-in-class education product. Our curriculum is ahead of the pack, and the reason is because we understand what really drives students’ motivation to learn.”


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