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School of Rock Sets Out to Headline the Greater Boston, Massachusetts Market with Plans to Expand

Backed by 200-plus locations, School of Rock is now actively looking for franchisees in the greater Boston area to teach the next generation of rock stars.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 8:08AM 08/27/18

Since its founding in 1998, School of Rock has been changing the game in the music education industry. No longer are kids forced to learn simple chords to nursery rhymes individually—now, they’re able to join a band and learn through the art of performance. It’s a business model that’s caught on across the country. With 203 units currently open for business and another 20 expected to open their doors before the year comes to a close, School of Rock is building on strong momentum in markets both domestically and internationally. And now, it’s actively looking to saturate one major market that’s currently untapped: Boston, Massachusetts.

The greater Boston area provides School of Rock with a unique opportunity for growth. Franchisees who sign on to develop and own the brand in the market will be able to reach a previously underserved customer base that has a built-in interest in the arts. According to Anthony Padulo, School of Rock’s Chief Development Officer, that customer base will enable local owners to hit the ground running.

“When we look at potential markets that will be a great fit for the School of Rock brand, we look at basic criteria like population, income levels and the percentage of kids in the area between the ages of seven and 18. But then we also look for a certain level of creativity in the area. And the greater Boston area aligns with all of that criteria,” said Padulo. “Boston is, of course, a huge college town, meaning that there’s an influx of that population who have an affinity towards music. There’s a general openness to creativity in the area, which makes it a perfect place for School of Rock.”

School of Rock is catering to a universal need across the country for improved music education. At a time when arts programs are being cut from curriculums, School of Rock is filling that critical gap by providing a fun and creative environment in which kids are free to be themselves and learn.

Rob Price, CEO of School of Rock, said, “Today, there are too many kids who don’t have the privilege of doing the things that we’re doing. So, the question becomes, how do we parlay our School of Rock community into being the largest and most influential in the world? We have about 27,000 students today and hundreds of thousands of alums. As that network continues to grow and School of Rock establishes a presence in new communities, we’re successfully living out our mission.”

Given the strong potential for growth in the greater Boston market, School of Rock is aiming to open between 10 and 15 new locations in the area. Franchisees who sign on to launch one or more of those units will gain access to a proven business model that also boasts flexibility. They also have access to both grand opening and ongoing support, ensuring that they’re able to run their businesses efficiently and effectively. School of Rock also offers an initial investment that ranges from $136,850 to $339,100, ensuring that its business ownership opportunity is accessible to all aspiring entrepreneurs in the area.

Beyond the greater Boston area, School of Rock is also actively looking to expand major metropolitan areas across the country including Houston, Texas; San Francisco, California; San Diego, California and Seattle, Washington.

“If there’s one thing that our franchisees need to bring to the table, it’s their passion. That’s a word that you hear all the time in the franchising industry, but there’s a real fire that’s been sparked for every one of our local owners. One thing that’s really struck me in the nine months that I’ve been with School of Rock is that franchisees don’t talk about it being a business. Instead, they talk about School of Rock being a way of life. They’re focused on giving back to the community and helping kids receive our unparalleled music education,” said Padulo. “This type of environment isn’t common in franchising. It’s rare to find a concept that goes beyond its product or service. But School of Rock isn’t your average business ownership opportunity. It’s a chance to introduce the joy of music education to the next generation of rock stars, whether they wind up rocking out on stage or rocking out in the boardroom.”


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