Backed by 56 franchises and Targeted Growth, Showhomes Celebrates its 30th Anniversary on a High Note
Backed by 56 franchises and Targeted Growth, Showhomes Celebrates its 30th Anniversary on a High Note

After posting the best year of revenue in its 30-year history, Showhomes is poised for continued strategic development throughout 2016.

Last year, Showhomes, the nation’s largest and most successful home staging franchise, made history. As the brand wrapped up 2015, they posted their best year of revenue ever—Showhomes had a 33 percent increase in system-wide revenue when compared with 2014.

But even after its record-breaking year, Showhomes remained committed to aggressive expansion in the year ahead. Now, as Showhomes celebrates its 30th anniversary, they’ve hit another important business milestone—the brand is now backed by a strong system of 56 franchises after signing five new franchises during Q1.

“We’re extremely excited by this rapid growth, because it’s proof that our innovative approaches to home staging are truly resonating with homeowners,” said Showhomes Chief Operating Officer Matt Kelton. “Last year, we focused on expanding the unique menu of services we offer that help set our Showhomes apart, from home renovations to our proprietary home manager program. And as we watch the real estate market grow again, Showhomes is really at a turning point—we’re set to continue building that incredible momentum throughout the rest of 2016 and beyond.”

Much of that growth can be attributed to Showhomes’ expanding slate of services. The brand now serves home sellers as a one-stop-shop, offering home updates such as interior painting and flooring upgrades to help better position a home for sale. Through the Home Updating Service, Showhomes’ update experts assess a home’s individual needs by providing a customized menu of changes which include utilizing the companies exclusive color palettes and flooring options to bring a maximum return on investment. Additionally, this service can save the homeowner the headache and burden of having to hire and coordinate multiple contractors to complete the work.

With real estate at its highest peak since 2008, and with the building applications for single-family projects at their highest rates since December of 2007, Showhomes is predicting another year of strong sales growth.

“Now that we’re seeing homes turn around faster on the market and new construction has picked up, we’re realizing that the demand for our services is increasing—people are eager to get their house into shape, and they need our help to beat out the competition,” Kelton said.

As the need for Showhomes’ services increases and the brand continues to refine its proven model, Kelton has no doubt that they will continue to grow. During 2016 alone, they are aiming to open 12 additional franchises throughout the country

“With a combination of low-cost investment (which can range from $45,300 to $78,000), and a business model boasting multiple revenue streams, I’m confident in Showhomes’ ability to continue expanding in number of units and in revenue,” Kelton said. “Moving forward, we will focus our expansion plans in areas with strong availability and continue to add talented business owners to our wildly successful and growing concept.”

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