Franchisee Success: How Jim and Kaye Biby Became Successful with Showhomes
Franchisee Success: How Jim and Kaye Biby Became Successful with Showhomes

Jim and Kaybe Biby of Showhomes Jacksonville are reaching records in with a loyal following and new service offerings. They have expanded their business through a vareity of new revenue streams to help their customers in Jacksonvile, FL

The husband-and-wife team recently celebrated their highest
grossing month ever.

Husband-and-wife team Jim and Kaye Biby of Jacksonville,
Florida celebrated their highest grossing month ever in June, since purchasing
their Showhomes franchise location in 2006.

“Over the past several months we’ve rolled out a few new
marketing initiatives, but above and beyond marketing, we rely on referrals,”
Kaye said. “Over the years we’ve continually provided a quality product to our
customers and it is paying off.”

Since the Biby’s bought their Showhomes nearly ten years
ago, they’ve remained a consistent top performer within the Showhomes’ system,
and have also consistently evolved to meet the needs of homeowners and Realtors
in their northeast Florida territory.

“In the beginning 95 percent of our business was through the
Showhomes Home Manager program,” Jim said. “Today our business is a fairly even
50/50 split between Home Manager staging and traditional home staging and

Showhomes is unique in the fact that the system offers many
different revenue streams, and the most successful franchisees, like Jim and
Kaye Biby capitalize on the opportunities that come along with offering a full
suite of services to their clients.

This year, the Biby’s are looking forward to rolling out
Showhomes’ latest service in their region: Home Updates.

“This is another great opportunity for us to continue
building upon a full line of services we can provide to homeowners and Realtors
during the sales and purchase process,” Kaye said. “We’ve received a positive
initial response and have already had the opportunity to present a couple of
bids and we’re just very excited to continue marketing this new service
offering particularly to our Realtor client base.”

The Biby’s agree that by far the most rewarding part of
their business is getting the phone calls when properties they’ve staged have

“We’re incredibly proud to have staged properties with a
combined list price value of more than $325,000,000 since May 2006,” Kaye
continued. “A referral is the greatest complement our clients can give us, and
we’ve worked very hard to build a reputation that has provided us highly complementary
and consistent referrals over the years.”

In addition to referrals, the Biby’s also have built a
network of loyal repeat customers.

“We don’t want to be just another staging company, we want
to be the one-stop-shop Realtors and their clients can depend on during the
sales process,” she said.

When asked about their dynamic as a husband-and-wife team,
the Biby’s both agree, their personalities complement one another, but what
really makes it work is that they’re both extremely driven toward a common
goal, and that is to provide exceptional service to their clients.