The Best Ways to Redecorate Your Staircase The Best Ways to Redecorate Your Staircase

Showhomes franchisee Heidi Ross explains how to make the most of your home's staircase.

In modern home designs, stairs have become a focal point of the home and can often be the first thing a guest or potential buyer sees when walking through the door. To omit the idea that stairs are dull and simply a way to get from point A to B, there are a few ways to enhance the look and feel.

Heidi Ross of Showhomes suggests removing carpeting to reveal any natural wood that might be hiding underneath. If a homeowner thinks carpet is necessary, she recommends a neutral colored and patterned rug for those considering selling.

“A quiet shade in a low-nap style, such as sisal or Berber, is the best option,” said Ross in an interview with

Also, look to declutter by reducing the amount of furniture scattered at the base of the stairs to ensure space is maximized.

“Make sure the walkway on and off the stairs is at least 36 inches wide,” said Ross to Jennifer Geddes.

And finally, keep the stairs clean in order to make a positive, lasting impression.

“If it’s carpeted, vacuum every single inch, and steam clean if necessary,” said Ross. “Wash the tread and riser of each wooden stair, so there aren’t any scuff marks—or try Magic Erasers for walls, which work really well."

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