Showhomes’ Home Manager Program Helps Franchisee Take Real Estate Business to the Next Level
Showhomes’ Home Manager Program Helps Franchisee Take Real Estate Business to the Next Level

Through the brand’s diverse revenue streams, Barbara Bliss has been able to grow her booming business.

Barbara Bliss first came across Showhomes Home Staging while she was working as a realtor in Chicago’s North Shore neighborhood. She instantly became one of the brand’s biggest fans—through working with the country’s largest and most successful home staging franchise, she was able to sell eight homes for 99 percent of their listing price. That’s why Bliss jumped at the chance to take over the North Shore territory when the local franchisee behind the business was looking to retire.

Since joining Showhomes’ ever-growing franchise system 12 years ago, Bliss has been able to take her real estate business to the next level. By offering multiple revenue streams that go beyond traditional home staging efforts, the brand has been able to provide stability in an industry known for its volatile nature.

“Having the backing and support of the Showhomes brand gives me so much credibility. From its ongoing support to extensive list of tools and resources, everything that I need to succeed is right at my fingertips,” said Bliss. “There isn’t another brand out there that even comes close to matching our unique business model. We’re really raising the bar when it comes to defining what a home staging company is supposed to do.”

One of the biggest differentiators for the Showhomes brand—and Bliss’ real estate business—is its home manager program. The brand matches high-end, vacant homes with people who have beautiful furniture and accessories who are in need of temporary housing. Those home managers then live in a vacant home listed for sale that Showhomes stages. In exchange for keeping it clean and opening their doors for realtors to show the home, home managers receive drastically reduces monthly fees that are far below the market rate.

“The benefits of the home manager program are far reaching. It’s a win for realtors because it provides someone to look after their listing, and it’s a win for homeowners trying to sell their place because they only have to pay a flat fee after their house sells and closes,” said Bliss. “Showhomes’ home manager program has been absolutely huge for my business in Chicago. And it never involves reinventing the wheel—the brand already has the best systems and processes in place for its franchisees to adapt.”

With 50 plus units across the country, it’s clear that Showhomes’ model is thriving in the communities it serves. And the brand is well on its way to passing the 100-unit mark. Target development markets like Southern California and Southeast Florida are wide open, meaning there are multiple opportunities for new franchisees to become a part of Showhomes’ system.

Prospective owners can expect their initial investments to range between $45,300 and $78,000.

“If you’re passionate about home design and looking to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself, Showhomes provides an unparalleled franchising opportunity. Successful owners like Barbara have proven time and time again that our model works,” said Matt Kelton, Showhomes’ COO. “We’re excited to continue working with our new franchisees to provide the support and tools they need to become successful local business owners.”