Showhomes Idaho Franchisee to Know: Mary MacDougal Abajian
Showhomes Idaho Franchisee to Know: Mary MacDougal Abajian

After a successful 25-year career in the law, Mary MacDougal Abajian was ready for the next phase of her life - bringing her passion for home design to the forefront while providing her family with a new opportunity

Mary MacDougal Abajian has deep roots in Idaho. Born and raised in the Gem State, she attended the University of Idaho for her undergraduate degree and then law school in Salt Lake City. After law school, she returned home to work as an attorney in Idaho for 25 years. She’s raised her family together with her husband in Boise and they have daughter who is now 28 and two teenage sons.

It was this past year that Mary first began to think about hanging up her law hat and following her passion. “I’ve always loved real estate as well as art and home design and decor,” said Abajian. “I started researching franchise opportunities last year and came across Showhomes and thought now here’s something that could be a perfect fit for me.”

Abajian says she began researching franchising when she thought about how she would want to spend the rest of her working days. She was ready for a split from the corporate world and wanted to be sure she could do something else that she not only loved, but that would allow her to provide opportunity for her family now and in the future.

“Our community is so important to us and I thought it would be a beautiful experience to be able to offer a service that people need,” she said. “When I came across Showhomes, not only did the concept interest me, but when I did a little competitive research, I discovered there’s really nothing like what Showhomes offers available in our community.”

The fact that Showhomes not only offers home staging, but home updating for homeowners that might find the process daunting was especially appealing to Abajian. “Over the years, my husband and I have refurbished and maintained several rental properties. We also own a 50’s ranch style home we refurbished in the West End and worked closely with a builder to finish off the home we currently live in,” she explained. “So as a homeowner I know the different challenges that can arise in updating and decorating a home and I rather enjoy it - I am very much looking forward to helping alleviate the stress in this process for other homeowners as they prepare to put their homes on the market.”

After being thoroughly impressed by the other franchisees she spoke with, Abajian signed an agreement for her Boise, Idaho Showhomes and attended the company’s training program this January in Nashville. “My training was very thorough and I greatly appreciate the time and attention I received from both the corporate team and other fellow franchisees,” she said. “I really feel I’ve been treated as an individual and have been set up for success, and the enthusiasm for the business from other current franchisees has been contagious.”

The Boise housing market has seen quite a recovery since the crash in 2008. Some reports have shown a 25 percent increase in price growth since pre-market collapse. With price growth comes confidence for sellers and uniquely, the job growth in Boise - Boise’s unemployment rate is at a healthy 2.6 percent, well below the national average of 4.9 percent - is naturally lending to more confidence in buyers as well creating a healthy market.

With plenty of competition in the market, Abajian is aware of the need of local homeowners to standout, and she’s prepared to start serving Boise clients this April.

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