Showhomes - Why I Bought

As an active real estate agent, Tyler Vitosh is no stranger to the housing industry in Lincoln, Nebraska. So when he decided to expand his business with a proven and established franchise, it made sense for him to partner with a brand that complemented his professional experience. That’s why Showhomes, the nation’s largest and most successful home staging franchise, immediately stood out as the perfect choice.

“There was a certain uniqueness to Showhomes’ franchising opportunity that caught my eye right away. They bring so much more to the table than other companies within the industry, like an unparalleled corporate support team,” said Vitosh. “Showhomes also goes beyond the scope of a traditional home staging company. Its home manager staging program is ultimately what convinced me to sign on the dotted line.”

Showhomes’ home manager staging program is one of four services the brand offers, ultimately giving its franchisees the opportunity to diversify their revenue streams. The program matches high-end, vacant homes for sale with people who have furniture, artwork and accessories that are in need of a temporary home. Showhomes provides a live-in caretaker to keep these homes in selling condition, ultimately helping a homeowner sell their property faster.

Real estate agents and brokers like Vitosh are in the perfect position to capitalize on Showhomes’ home staging programs, making them a natural fit in the brand’s growing franchise system. Showhomes’ proven model serves as an extension of their existing businesses, while at the same time providing entrepreneurs an opportunity to further turn their passion for real estate and design into a successful career.

“Even though I officially launched in September, I’m already incredibly impressed with what I’ve been able to accomplish in partnership with Showhomes. I officially have my first staging under my belt, and the brand has been with me every step of the way,” said Vitosh. “I’m excited to hit the ground running and see where this business will take me.”

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