Franchise Times: “Signal 88 locking down security biz”
Franchise Times: “Signal 88 locking down security biz”

Signal 88's technology platform stands out

Signal 88 Security is proving to be a "market disruptor," according to the brand's CEO Reed Nyffeler, with nothing similar existing in the market. 

Since the brand was founded in Nebraska in 2003, the company quickly grew to 180 franchise owners spanning over 400 territories. Services vary from patrol services, event services, dedicated security services to other custom solutions. Looking beneath the surface, the business is supported by its strong franchisee team, including Jeff Carlyle.

"They give us the technology platform, all the back-office support like payroll, training, some of the hiring - things that the general law enforcement background might not have," Carlyle told the Franchise Times reporter. "That allows the operator to really focus on operations and sales."

Carlyle, with business partners Mark McClure and Rick Dunn, pooled resources and manage the largest territory within the franchise.

"A normal security guard is very expensive, and they work for about 10 minutes and then just sit there and wait for something to happen," Dunn told the reporter. "But with the patrol aspect, they have a nice-looking truck with a light bar and a computer - basically a police package. And you can share with four or five companies in the local area."

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