Signal 88 Security Franchisees Experience Success and Increased Business With Corporate Team’s Support
Signal 88 Security Franchisees Experience Success and Increased Business With Corporate Team’s Support

The nation’s largest security franchise focuses on providing franchisees with support and KPI benchmarking to keep business growing.

Since launching its franchise program in 2008, Signal 88 Security has grown to over 170 locally-owned locations nationwide. For the past ten years, the company’s leadership has excelled at offering franchisees the training and support necessary to achieve success with the growing security concept.

Kevin Jones, chief development officer, joined Signal 88’s executive team nearly four years ago. In that time, Jones has overseen substantial growth among Franchise Group staff, whose mission is to help the brand’s franchise partners run and grow their business.

"Since I’ve been here, we've expanded on our marketing, business development and national account teams significantly,” notes Jones. “Three years ago, those teams consisted of approximately eight staff members. Today, we’ve nearly doubled our staff.

“Specifically, our business development team focuses every day on how to make our franchisees more successful. They’re having calls with franchise owners and they’re focusing on training, both in the field and here in Omaha.”

A vital part of Jones’ job is to manage the franchise’s Business Development team.

“Every franchisee has a Business Development coach designated to help them with sales, and they can reach out with questions as little or as often as they want. When they come on as a franchisee, we actually bring them here to Omaha and provide them with hands-on training.

“We know not all potential franchisees have the sales experience to make them feel comfortable doing it right off the bat — but that’s why franchising is such a great option,” explains Jones.

In addition to expanding the corporate support team at Signal 88 Security, Jones also highlights the recent introduction of “KPIs,” or Key Performance Indicators. These indicators track the most important aspects of a business. Already, KPI benchmarking is helping keep franchisees on track and competitive in their local markets.

“We have some KPI benchmarking in place with eight metrics for each of our franchisees. We find this extremely helpful because franchisees can see where they’re at and where they can improve. If they can see other franchisees doing well in particular areas, they are always encouraged to reach out and pick up key learnings from one another.”

Franchisees communicate via the brand’s internal social media channels to seek advice, encourage each other, and learn best practices. Franchise owners also benefit from regular learning and networking opportunities like webinars, mentoring groups, and annual Conventions.

The combination of excellent training and support with KPI benchmarking has led to a consistent 20% sales increase since 2017. Jones observes that most of the growth has resulted from existing franchisees becoming more efficient and bringing on new business.

“Our franchisees are truly driving the success of Signal 88 as a leader in residential, commercial and institutional security,” Jones points out. “We have a lot of contact at all levels with our franchise owners and even our top executives speak with multiple franchise owners every day to make sure they have the support they need. We’re very personable in the sense that there's no glass ceiling here. We try to make ourselves as accessible as possible because we are only as strong as our franchisees. They come first.”

In 2017, the top tier of franchised locations had an average gross revenue of  $1,699,477.[1] The company as a whole saw its revenue climb to $69,700,195, which helped land the brand on the 2018 Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies.

“Owning a business is hard work. In all honesty, it's probably one of the most difficult things you'll ever do,” concludes Jones.

“But owning a business when things are done the right way? That’s one of the most rewarding feelings out there, and the corporate team’s job here at Signal 88 is to help get our franchisees to that feeling — to that success.”

The cost of becoming a Signal 88 Security partner will vary based on your territory and overhead costs, but attractive internal financing options are available for as little as $5,000 down. To learn more and discover franchise opportunities in your area, visit signal88franchise.com.

[1] Additional details found in Item 19 of Signal 88 Security’s Franchise Disclosure Document