I Want This...But I Want That
I Want This...But I Want That

The changing landscape of what we eat & drink in 2016 according to latest NPD Group report

History has a tendency to repeat itself. Just look at what we wear. The flared trousers and necktie blouses first seen in the ‘70s are back, along with tricked out denim jackets and Audrey Hepburn-style capris. The same can be said for food.
Flashback 20 years ago and it was a time when all we tried to do was avoid fat, cholesterol and even eggs. Then, after the turn of the century, it was all about good fats, Omega-3s and more recently, ancient grains.
Now, we’re focused on where our food comes from, and eating those better-for-you foods in their purest forms matters more than ever. According to the latest NPD Group Report about Food & Beverage Habits to Expect in 2016, here are some of the behaviors we can assume will become more prominent.
Natural Nutrition – Consumers are becoming ever-increasingly focused on the purity of ingredients in their food and beverages. We check labels like never before. In fact, 30 percent of consumers say they are cautious about serving foods with preservatives, compared to 24 percent 10 years ago. The trend for additives follows the same progression.
Fats are Back – We now realize that all fats are not created equal, and some have nutritional benefits. We can expect consumers to return to foods that were once considered taboo, such as eggs and oils.
Sugar is Out – With fat back in the mix, somebody has to be relegated to the sideline. This year, it’s sugar’s turn to take a time out as consumers look to avoid the sweet stuff during meals and snack time.
Buying for a Reason – We want to feel good about what we buy and what we put in our bodies. That’s why more and more consumers are paying greater attention to brands that align themselves with cause marketing partners that make sense. This year, people will also continue to research who produces the food and beverages we consume while also making an extra effort to learn more about their production practices.
Non-GMO or Gluten Free Sounds Good to Me – While the majority of consumers still don’t know what non-GMO or gluten-free means, they believe it’s still a good idea. Look for marketers to continue to leverage these labels while consumers use them as a differentiator between competing products.
Since food and drink habits change much slower than the fashion world, it’s important that franchise brands align themselves with consumer behaviors to ensure their products are going where their guests want to go. Here at 1851 Franchise, we’re still holding out hope that one-day bacon is deemed the next super food.