Smoothie King Franchise Continues to Stay in Front of Health Trends
Smoothie King Franchise Continues to Stay in Front of Health Trends

Smoothie King has been paving the way for healthy-eating trends for nearly 43 years.

Food trends may come and go, but there’s one that’s here to stay—the decisive consumer shift toward healthier, better-for-you products. From start-ups to large-scale operations with established big-name brands, companies are formulating new products and revamping their menus to get a slice of the rapidly growing business.

This is good news for brands like Smoothie King, which has helped pave the way for healthy-eating trends for nearly 43 years. Since 1973, it’s been serving up nutritious smoothies with a purpose. Today, its mastery in a popular niche has paid off in a big way—for the past six consecutive years, the brand has boasted positive same-store sales growth, and the brand is poised to achieve its goal of having 1,000 open locations by the end of 2017.

“We’re at a point now where many of our new stores are setting records, and we’ve got more franchisees in growth mode than ever before,” said Chad Tramuta, one of Smoothie King’s franchise development managers. “In addition to our proven business model, we’re really honing a sweet spot—we’re offering exactly what consumers want right now. We’re in a unique place where we can compete against both quick service restaurants and fast casual. We embody health and wellness in a convenient and casual environment.”

By never wavering from its mission to inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle, Smoothie King has stayed at the forefront of the smoothie and juice segment. Along the way, it has maintained its healthy and active lifestyle focus, ensuring that the true purpose of the brand’s creation remains intact. In addition to perfecting traditional fruit smoothies, Davis Jaeger, Smoothie King’s food scientist and product development manager, believes that the brand’s constant innovation has helped it stay ahead of the game. Smoothie King regularly reinvents its menu, and Jaeger has seen vegetable-based smoothies, Greek yogurt smoothies and a vegan line prosper as the world has become more health-conscious.

“To be successful, flexibility helps your bottom line. We’re constantly working with nutritionists—they help us determine what’s a short-lived fad and what’s truly important to us and our customers,” Jaeger said.

The brand’s commitment to being the best in its segment shows. Last year, Smoothie King opened 86 new locations in 21 states, and it kicked off 2016 with 15 new agreements in the works. Today, with 779 units open throughout the world, the brand has proved that its reach is truly limitless.

“Ultimately, we want to continue doing what we do best—delivering quick, flavorful, nutritious options to guests while being hyper-sensitive to trends and diets,” Tramuta said. “We’re fortunate to have such a versatile concept that makes sense to everyone and can be adapted anywhere. We’re finding that people all over the world align with our mission to help people live a healthy and active lifestyle, and we’re looking forward to impacting the lives of our guests as we continue to grow.”

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