Smoothie King's Change a Meal Challenge is Changing Lives
Smoothie King's Change a Meal Challenge is Changing Lives

By making one small, simple change, Smoothie King believes achieving a healthier lifestyle is within reach.

Now that the New Year is in full swing, those enthusiastic resolutions we made to work out more, lose weight and eat healthier seem a little out of reach, and the temptation to quit starts nagging.

But before deciding to completely throw in the towel, Smoothie King has a challenge for you—and it’s easier and tastier than committing to a lifetime of more vegetables and more treadmills. Here’s what they want you to do: Make one small, simple change.

“The power of focusing on one small, simple thing is that you can do it every single day. This is a great way to attain sustainable results and develop healthy lifestyle habits,” said Katherine LeBlanc, the manager of marketing and communications for Smoothie King. “Think about it this way—if I told you to do one simple thing every day, could you do it? Definitely. But if I gave you a list of 10 more things to do every day, it turns into a burden. That was the simple premise for our Change a Meal Challenge.”

The Change a Meal Challenge, now in its 2nd year, is a way to kick-start healthy habits. The premise is easy—swap out one meal a day for a nutrient-packed smoothie. At participating Smoothie King locations, customers can choose from one of 20 Meal Replacement Smoothies—all of which are under 400 calories.

Smoothie King’s challenge has already helped to better lives. In January 2015, Benjie, a truck driver from South Carolina, decided he needed to make a big change, not only for himself, but for his eight-year-old son. Being a role model was important to him, and he knew his health habits weren’t something he wanted his son to emulate; at the time, Benjie was at 320 pounds and diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

In addition to increasing his regular exercise routine, Benjie decided to take part in the Change a Meal Challenge. Every day, he drank two chocolate Gladiator smoothies, worked out regularly and followed a lower calorie diet with his other meals. Today, he’s down 65 pounds and no longer needs his diabetes medication. Benjie is now determined to spread the word about Smoothie King and is passionate about helping others achieve their weight loss goals.

“When coupled with a healthy lifestyle, our Change a Meal Challenge can help you get over that New Year’s Resolution rut and finally build momentum towards achieving a better you,” LeBlanc said.

If a healthy lifestyle isn’t enough incentive, Smoothie King is encouraging participants to share their success stories on social media by posting with #ChangeAMealChallenge for a chance to win gift cards.