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Social Geek Radio: How To Tell Your Franchise Story

Ali Rauch, Chicken Salad Chick director of marketing, joins this week’s Social Geek Radio podcast to discuss different platforms and methods of sharing franchise stories.

Next weekend at the 2017 International Franchise Association Convention, Chicken Salad Chick director of marketing will join a panel of industry experts to discuss the best ways to share franchise stories. To give a sneak peak of her presentation, Rauch spoke with Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans and Jack Monson for this week’s podcast.

Chicken Salad Chick, is a fast casual restaurant focusing on chicken salads, serving 15 varieties. The brand began franchising just four years ago and already has 65 locations open. Part of what drove the brand’s growth is the amazing story of a stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur. That’s why Rauch and her team focus on the best ways to share that story.

“We try to incorporate her to tell her story,” Rauch said of including founder Stacy Brown, on Social Geek Radio. “She meets with every single prospective franchisee and tells them about her experience… She’s written out that story and it hangs on the wall in every restaurant.” The chicken salad brand also heavily utilizes social media outlets, like Facebook and Instagram.

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