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Top 5 Reasons To Invest in a Sparkle Squad Franchise in 2024

The window cleaning franchise offers an innovative take and scalable model in a low-investment, high-margin and still-growing industry.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 02/05/24

Sparkle Squad, the emerging window cleaning franchise that recently launched in the U.S., has built a strong model for prospective franchisees. Mirroring the successful Canadian franchise, Elite Window CleaningSparkle Squad leverages a modern approach to bring a refreshing experience to both entrepreneurs and customers in the U.S. market.

“As we prepare to bring Sparkle Squad to markets across the country, we are excited to welcome driven franchisees to the system,” explained Chris Stoness, founder and CEO. “Our model has proven to be a successful vehicle for those looking to build an empire through entrepreneurship, and franchisees who join early on in Sparkle Squad’s growth will be able to secure their ideal territories. With this, they will also be able to scale alongside the larger franchise system as we take off in the U.S.”

Here are five reasons why Sparkle Squad presents a favorable investment opportunity in 2024.

Technology and Innovation Help Franchisees to Really ‘Sparkle’ in Their Markets

The modern business landscape requires consistent adaptation and, often, the adoption of new technologies and innovations. Sparkle Squad stands out by offering the most up-to-date window cleaning tools for an efficient service experience, as well as updated software and operating platforms to streamline inquiries, scheduling and billing for both the franchisee and the customer.

“Sparkle Squad has invested heavily in the latest cleaning technology and tools, including a cutting-edge three-stage filtration system that creates demineralized water that dries naturally,” explained Stoness. “This, alongside our water-fed carbon poles, reduces the need for ladders, manual drying and harsh chemicals, allowing franchisees to provide efficient and high-quality services every time.”

The brand’s emphasis on technology and innovation shines through in other aspects of the model, too. A straightforward online booking process with transparent, flat-rate pricing allows customers to schedule a service from their phones or computers 24/7, and the back end of this operating system has been customized to streamline growth and minimize hurdles for franchise owners.

A Large and Steadily Growing Industry Presents a Welcoming Business Landscape

The exterior cleaning segment is currently valued at over $12 billion annually, and growing year over year. Though exterior cleaning may not be top of mind for a prospective entrepreneur, Stoness encourages them to take a drive.

“You can drive around the block, and you’ll see countless windows and gutters!” he said. “And these will always get dirty again after a cleaning. This is an industry that naturally encourages predictable repeat revenue.”

Sparkle Squad Offers a Safer, Lower-Liability Model

Because they use water-fed carbon poles, Sparkle Squad technicians can clean windows up to six stories high with their feet on the ground. Antiquated window cleaning techniques require technicians with brute strength and a willingness to climb ladders with heavy buckets and other equipment. Sparkle Squad’s more modern model avoids this, creating a better experience for technicians, owners and customers.

“We use light, efficient equipment, so we do not have to hire on the basis of strength,” explained Stoness. “Rather, we can evaluate potential technicians on their ability to provide the level of service that Sparkle Squad requires, building happier, more powerful teams who can positively affect all aspects of the business.”

This model allows franchise owners to hire the absolute best technicians rather than forcing them to sacrifice customer service skills in exchange for the strength necessary to complete the job, and it also reduces liability. Keeping technicians off of ladders for the large majority of services reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, and franchise owners can feel confident in the safety of their team.

Multiple Services and Customer Bases Diversify Revenue Streams

Sparkle Squad offers window cleaning, gutter cleaning, house or business washing and pressure washing services to residential, commercial and institutional customers. This variety allows franchise owners to market an expansive set of services to a single, incredibly broad customer base.

“We serve those who aren’t able to do this work as well as those who simply don’t want to,” said Stoness. “Sparkle Squad’s services appeal to a wide customer base. From millennials who find value in reclaiming their time by outsourcing home-related work to aging customers who have to either outsource the work or simply leave it undone, our efficient, high-quality services provide a major value add.”

A Low Barrier to Entry for a Highly Profitable, Scalable Business

The innovations and efficiencies implemented by Sparkle Squad have made the business and its services more accessible to franchise owners and customers alike.

“We’ve lowered the barriers of entry to the market, which means franchise owners get to grow a highly profitable and scalable business,” said Stoness. “There is a low investment required to break into a high-margin industry, and the Sparkle Squad model encourages the development of a repeat client base.”

Stoness explained that, before Sparkle Squad, many potential customers were priced out of the market due to higher costs. Sparkle Squad’s technological advancements and transparent pricing structure allow it to service thousands of customers who were previously unable or unwilling to pay for window cleaning services. 

“We get through the door with our competitive exterior window cleaning price, then we wow customers with amazing customer service,” he added. “This keeps our residential customers coming back through spring and fall, as well as year-over-year, and encourages referrals within the community, powering franchise owners’ success and scale.”

This year, Sparkle Squad is looking to partner with driven franchisees in Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maryland as it works to establish a footprint in major markets across the U.S.

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