Five Myths About Becoming a Sport Clips Franchisee
Five Myths About Becoming a Sport Clips Franchisee

Dispelling some of the top myths about owning a Sport Clips Franchise.

Investing in a franchise is a big decision. Making sure you have all the correct information is crucial to making an informed decision. There are a few misconceptions out there about what it means to be a Sport Clips Haircuts Franchisee (Team Leader). Here are a few of the common myths and why they are misleading. 

"I need to know how to cut hair." - No haircutting experience is required! Team Leaders do not cut hair, they hire Stylists who deliver this skilled service.  What you need are good people skills and the ability to facilitate a fun and positive work environment for your Team Members.  Successful Team Leaders use their previous career experience to hire and manage a team of Stylists and Managers, who in turn, run the day-to-day operations. You focus on working on the business, not in the business. 

"That model doesn't work in my area." - Sport Clips is the only national haircutting franchise with a presence in all 50 states. As one of the fastest growing franchise systems in the United States, they are filling a need, catering specifically to men and boys. Their experienced Real Estate team stays ahead of real estate trends and can help you find optimal locations that fit your area’s needs and development, maximizing your profit potential. Multi-unit ownership is a priority in their system, and their highly scalable business model offers a myriad of opportunities for growth. 

"Sport Clips is basically a Hooters for haircuts." - Sport Clips prides itself on its family friendly environment. All Stylists maintain a professional appearance and uniforms are conservative. While their stores carry Sports Illustrated magazines in their waiting areas, all Swim Suit Editions are pulled from the stores and not displayed.  This is an example of the brand’s commitment to maintaining a family focus for our valued Clients. Sport Clips is about providing a championship experience for the entire family. 

"I'll be stuck in a store all day." - Sport Clips’ offering is a semi-absentee business model, allowing you to achieve a better work-life balance. Day-to-day operations are run by a Store Manager, meaning less supervision from you. You spend your time managing the managers and developing marketing and business strategies. While participation during the grand opening period can be significant, once your stores are up and running, Sport Clips offers a very flexible lifestyle. Here is what a day in the life an owner typically looks like

"I don't know enough about franchising to know where to begin." - In post Discovery Day surveys, 100 percent of candidates report they feel better prepared to make an informed decision on ANY business opportunity having gone through the Sport Clips Discovery Process. Success of a franchisee, and in turn the entire franchise network, begins with determining whether they are a good fit for each other or not. To do this, Sport Clips strongly believes they must provide you with all the information you need to make the decision that is right for you. This starts with educating candidates on the fundamentals of franchising. For more information on the Sport Clips selection process and how it can better prepare you to make a decision about investing in a franchise, click here

Sometimes false perceptions prevent us from moving forward with opportunities that can make a big difference in our lives. We hope we have cleared up some of the most common myths about being a Sport Clips Team Leader. Sport Clips believes in total transparency, so if you have any questions about their offering, they would be happy to discuss them. Sport Clips works hard to support the success of their franchisees and that means ensuring the opportunity is a match for your financial and personal goals.

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